Saturday, April 30, 2011

An Inconvenient Truth

I have writers for this, Seth.
Yes, there was a White House Correspondant's Dinner and all of the "reporters" yucked it up.  Obama took shots at Trump, who was there, as did MC Seth Myers from Saturday Night Live.  A review of the events was covered at Nicki Finke's   But if you are a conservative, you apparently cannot post there.  Most of the comments to her blog are straight liberal BS.  But if you post a conservative thought you are excommunicated.  This is a little know truth outside of the blogosphere - you generally have a tough time posting on liberal blogs.  Conservative blogs will take your krap all day long, but liberal ones won't.  There you have it America.  Liberals censor you.  Repubs won't.

And by the way - why did Barry finally release his real birth certificate this week?   To bury it in Donald Trump's face at this event.  Hmm, kept it a secret this long (2.5 yrs) just for that Barry?  Thin skinned?

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Let the Brit's Talk!

Lucky you weren't listening to Fox!
I am currently watching the ramp-up to the wedding royale out here late West Coast time.  Coverage started before midnight so its not that big of a deal.  I was quite thoroughly enjoying Fox News simulcast with Sky News (the prime British news network) listening to the locals describe the scene in fantastic scenic minutae and with details of the locations and persons arriving early for the wedding.  Then at 1 AM west coast time Fox News American anchors including the left-leaning Shepard Smith started their broadcast and basically ruined the whole royal vibe.  Shep mocked wedding goer's hats - basically sounded like a yankee southern hick - and the blonde gals (who I basically like)  kept bringing up how Princess Di got screwed around by big ears (what does that have to do with anything?).  Hey, its a nice event.  Describe the wedding and shut up.  I would have been very happy to have kept on the Sky News channel and not listen to Yanks screwing it up and sounding annoyingly like Katie Couric.  Oh, thank god we now have Brit analyst Imogean Lloyd Webber on the scene to save the day!  Shut up, Shep!  And by the way it's "Posh and Becks"!  No matter - I turned to KCET and got a lovely Brit feed there.  Where are my bangers and mash?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama's Debt Circus

Obama's much ballyhooed speech last week, setting his tone for deficit reduction,was nothing more than the same old hot wind coming from the Democrats for over 50 years now - but more importantly, even Obama added a more vacuous twist by insulting Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan after he specifically invited him to a front row seat for the address.  It just wasn't mentioned - it was a full out attack against Ryan and any other Republican who actually thinks we might have to address our financial house.  Now I didn't expect Obama to really agree with Ryan's plan (and I might not agree with everything there as well) but to demagogue somebody who has actually put forth a plan to address our financial issues while Obama has absolutely punted on the issue is, uh er, comical.  Because, he wasn't really addressing the nation's issues, he was just addressing his 2010 re-election campaign.  And that's not leadership - and not what this country needs.  So what did he do this weekend?  He was off to Chicago to plan his re-election and talk about da' Bulls.  Now, that's a three-ring circus.

UPDATE (4/18/11):  After Obama's debt speech about doing nothing Standard & Poors downgrades US debt - hmm, how's that for a timely response?  Nice going, Barry.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Capt. Stimulus Sleeps at Obama Address

Say It Ain't So, Joe.
And do you remember that this was the guy who was supposed to be in charge of the $787 billion stimulus program?  And he can't even stay awake as Obama - three years later - tries to explain to people how he's going to pay for it?

Well, when you mention it - it seemed like alot of people there were sleeping through that dreadful, non-productive speech.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol Sucks

Wow- what a terrible show.  Why is this non-talented guy in the show?  And as usual the judges said nothing about how BAD he is.  Are they on drugs?  My god - even after last week's debacle they still say "oh Paul you are so special?"  And I have seen no "stage presence" by anybody so far.  The only guy who "moved" was the rocker guy at the end.  But he really is just so and so.  He's no Adam Lambert.  So much for that "entertaiment value".  The show has died.  And the judges suck big time.  And it has obviously shown that Pia was head and shoulders above everyone (see post below).  Who will be the Amercian Idol?-nobody special - and no one that will sell records. So stick it tweeners.  And stick it haters. Shark. Jump.

UPDATE:  The jazz duet between Casey and Haley on the elimination show was just amazing.

The Incapable President

I reallydon't know what I'm saying.
Obama's speech today talking about his new plan to reduce the deficit - only a couple of months after he prouduced the largest budget in American history was one of the biggest swings with a "wiff" in political history.  He has clearly staked himself as the lamest President in history.  All we got was class warfare politics now 18 months away from the election.

It is somewhat laughable to read in some circles that Obama "won" the budget battle this past weekend - or even showed leadership in doing so.  Realistically, Obama had his hat handed to him.  But interestingly enough that hasn't prevented him from taking credit for something he didn't even want to happen.  Obama came into this budget fight wanting to "freeze" spending.  Well he got his budget reduced by $40 billion and it would have been more but he conceded to conditions or "riders" attached to the bill to accept a lower number and look like he beat back the Republican hordes.  But now he has agreed to allow a vote on repeal of Obamacare in the Senate and several studies into it eficacy.  It doesn't really matter that the Senate won't repeal it this go round - the publicity and talking points during the arguments leading up the vote are going to continue to point out how bad his "landmark legislative acheivement" really is - and that will take alot of air out of his re-election campaign.

Some new tea-partiers will hoot and hollar and say we didn't get the $100 billion budget cuts that were once talked about but we never were going to get those.  This is a step in the right direction, averts the "government shutdown" issue that Republicans would lose on no matter whose fault it is and keeps the fight going.  It also lays the path for Congressman's Ryan REAL budget plan.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

American "Idiot"

Take that, Nigel Lythgoe.
Personally, I feel American Idol proverbially "jumped the shark" last Thursday when front runner Pia Toscano got voted off the show, theoretically in ninth place.  Since her departure there has been much written how possibly too much of the voting is controlled by young girls voting for their heart throbs and not model-attractive 26-year olds with a great voice.  And, inexplicably you have a vocal minority of folks who said she "didn't move" enough (in her gargantuan four full weeks on the show) or "connect" with an audience.  This being said of a women who in Week One received a standing ovation from the audience and judges after she slayed The Pretender's "I'll Stand by You".  In fact, what is somewhat more bothersome then her outster are the plethora of comments saying how "arrogant" she seemed and blah blah blah.  As one other commenter said - "now we know how Obama got elected" -(and/or as I say, how he continues to enjoy favoribility ratings of over 40% by doing nothing and getting us in even more wars).

At least we now have the news that Pia was signed to a record deal the very next morning by Interscope records - something that cannot be said by the majority of the remaining talentless contestents.  Regardless, I find the whole situation unsettling.  She was clearly the best and whether she ultimately won or not isn't the issue.  She unexplicably placed ninth, thus - the show is dead to me. 

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Aggies in NCAA Women's Title Game

Take that, Mitch Albom.
As noted in several posts below, many sport prognosticators seem to just overlook "the other teams" involved in the NCAA Tournament.  On this morning's "Sports Reporter's" the ESPN crew was asked who could best beat returning champion UConn; was it Notre Dame who they are playing tonight in the semi-final or Stanford, who beat them earlier in the year?  To a man the "sports reporters" said Stanford.  As an aside, the moderator did mention that Texas A&M was the "other team" in the Final Four.  So what happened in the "other" seminfinal game tonight? 
Texas A&M 63, Stanford 62.  See the remarkable story here.
UPDATE:  Notre Dame 72, UConn 63.  Hmmprhh.
EVEN BIGGER UPDATE:  Texas A&M 76, Notre Dame 70 - Aggies National Champs

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dodger Gangsta Punks

All are welcome?
The Los Angeles Dodgers-San Francisco Giants rivlary is fairly historic in these parts.  As a transplanted Texan living in LA, I have no great love for the Dodgers, or for even going to Chavez Ravine to pay $10  for a Dodger dog.  However, one year I did enjoy going to the park just to loudly boo Barry Bonds. But what happened in the the parking lot on Opening Day on March 31st is basic thuggary.  A Giant fan, with two of his friends wearing Giant garb,was assaulted in the parking lot after the game by two Latino gang members.  He's in critical condition. The two thugs are at large.

Coma esta, Gigantes!
What was even worse was this evening's news item I just saw run on the local TV station - they interviewed several latino Dodger fans standing in the beer line at tonight's Giant game and almost to a "man" they said if the Giants fans come into their house they were going to put them down.  The nice demure female reporter kept asking "really, you are saying they can't come into the stadium or they face physical harm?" - and the guys sort of said "si".  ("The river runs red with Burgundy's blood!").

Welcome to LA.  It's not Chinatown anymore.