Wednesday, November 16, 2016

An Election to Remember

Trump's Red Nation - a President for all (not just NY and LA)
Last Tuesday was definitely an affair to remember.  The evening started out with even Fox News stating that Hillary would probably win and started examining what her presidency would focus on first.  Then suddenly Florida was in doubt and everyone freaked out.  I remembered four years ago Romney really didn't last long into the night at all - and I thought he was going to win.  This time with Trump hanging around we finally had some election night excitement.  I flipped from station to station, emailed friends in Texas and texted others locally.  It was even late out here on the West Coast when they finally called it at 11:45 PST.  What a ride, what a night and what a victory.  And, for the record, there are a ton of us out here on the left coast who are deleriously happy with the result (we just can't talk about it....shhh).