Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comfortably Numb: Election 2012

You get what you ask for...or don't show up for..
I've tried to take a little time and a bit of reflection to understand the disastrous results of Tuesday's election that re-elected a man who has increased the national debt by 60%, done nothing to help unemployment, continues to say all our ills will be solved if raise taxes and provides a weak presence to the international community.  (The picture above was one I found to describe my similar feelings about the 2008 election, which you can read about here. It is actually a photo from a 1950's Hungarian election.  The post's title unfortunately describes the U.S. electorate).

I think Romney was an excellent candidate - I thought he would be Reagan.  I am tired of all this nonsense about him being too moderate or "not enough of a difference from Obama" which you hear from the far right.  If you can't win with a lilywhite sucessful businessman with nary a skeleton in his closet that what can you do?  The rest of the bench running was something out of a Star Wars bar scene.

A good man.
Well, what Obama and the main stream media, who is definitely in his pocket, did was demonize him to death.  Romney had to get through a grueling primary with something like 18 debates.  While that battle-tested him it also drained him of resources with little to attack during the summer while Obama was running hate speech ads in the swing states.  People will talk about appeal to minorities and women, but mostly what happened is the Obama team poisoned the well on that - instead of spending time leading the country.

And there is talk about his organization and the get-out-to-vote effort.  But I don't think Republicans are the ones that respond to that.  If you have to bus people to the polls then what kind of win is that?  We know that an Obama organization on the ground did do that as best they could but they still got almost 8 million less votes this year.  Romney got about a million less than McCain.  This was supposed to be the year where all conservatives came out in droves to take down this failure of man in Obama - so where were they four years later? Did they all die?  Anyone who sat home because they thought Romney wasn't perfect for them is an unpatriotic idiot.  I heard a bunch of that last time around in '08.  You can't sit out life (see "chair").

A bad chair
But I believe the overriding theme that only a few are talking about is the overall demonization of anyone from a conservative or Republican point-of-view.  Look at Palin in '08 - absolutely eviscerated for no real reason.  In the meantime Obama is rarely criticized while Romney catches flak because he used the word "binders".  All while the MSM also ignores several late breaking Obama controversies like Benghazi and frankly a poor effort on super storm Sandy.  Any Republican is playing with one arm behind his back.

This election was not about a majority of people wanting wanting bigger government and increased taxes as many Democrats are now claiming.  This wasn't a "message" election.  This was an election about micro-managing liberal issues. targeting disaffected voters and managing a large electioneering machine - all with the mainstream media's complicity. And because of that the nation is screwed.  In Obama's first comments from the White House on Friday he was still slinging campaign slogans.

Because that is all he knows how to do.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Springsteen is Dead to Me

Meet the old Boss...
I've just about had it with this guy.  Even though he campaigned for Kerry in '04, I seemed to had forgotten that when I went to see him for the sixth time in '07 in LA.  I even enjoyed the Magic album that came out that year - as really the only complete album that he's had since Born in the USA.

But now he is dead to me - frankly has been for years.  But he said he would stay out of this year's election and then changed his mind three weeks ago.  Anybody who's a bazillionaire who still sings about the little guy while flying Air Force One in these final election days with one of the most devisive, incompetant Presidents this nation has ever seen goes way beyond the pale

Hey Bruce, did you ask your buddy Barry what he was doing the night of September 11 while our consulate in Libya was under attack?  No?  Because they were already dead?  Well, that's what you are to me.  Dead as a doornail.