Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perry Has Tails (and Pols) Wagging

Perry has them so worried they're making stuff up.
Since Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the presidential race the mainstream media and leftist outlets have been busy smearing him - and basically hinging on every word.  They even had the temerity to suggest Texas's good economy was just a myth.  Commenting on Texas' economy outperforming other states, Nobel Prize winning economist (and leftwing loon) Paul Krueger stated that "well, if you want low taxes and low regulation - that's what you would get".  Hmm, I think that's the idea Paul.  Spread the word.  Of course, some just attribute it to luck.  Anyway you look at it Perry has been pushing their buttons.

Did you realize its just been a week since he's been in the race?  Seems longer doesn't it?  And not only has the media gone Perry-crazy, but members of Obama's own cabinet are issuing lies.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan's recently visited the Sunday morning talk shows erroneously proclaiming Texas' education system was "in decline" under Perry and how "he was personally worried for the kids of Texas".  Robert Scott, Texas's Education Chief and the Dallas Morning News quickly rebutted these libelous smears.  And this is leadership, Barry?

Monday, August 15, 2011

"He went to Yale; I went to A&M"

The next President of the United States
Texas Governor Rick Perry has made a significant splash in the political world by declaring his presidential candidacy this Saturday, almost overshadowing the results of the meaningless Iowa Straw vote and pushing competing candidates Romney and Bachman aside.  Newly campaigning in Iowa with relative ease and candor a reporter from Politico asked him what the differnce between he and President Bush was.  His retort?  "He went to Yale, I went to Texas A&M".  Whoop!

By the way, Governor Perry will be the next President of the United States - and we have one of his first major endorsements here. Shout it out loud.

Obama's Magical Misery Tour

Obama's Lost Economic Plan Found
Meanwhile Obama is taking a ridiculous bustrip around the midwest, arguing with Iowans, and saying the same old tired things he said for the last year.  I guess this is why his approval polls now have dropped to 39%.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's the Debt, Stupid

For the record, the downgrade of US debt was somewhat expected.  S&P warned about it in April after Obama gave a dispirited speech about "getting serious about debt".  Some think the timing is odd however since there is at least a plan in place to cut some spending (although modest) along with the congressional panels that will continue to address it next month (not next year).  And also since this is the same rating agency that all but blew the sub-prime mess.  Still one has to wonder what is S&P actually saying - and why are they criticizing the political process?   Some think it is to cricize the Tea Party - although that makes little sense since they are the only ones wanting to cut spending.  Others criticize the general nature of Washington and lobbyists to realize the entitlement balloon has to end.  In fact, it makes those politicians and scallywags who continue to call for tax increases look like economic buffons.  Adding insult to injury was Obama's inconsequential and non-presidential speech on Monday.  (FYI - read this excellent column detailing an inside view of the debt ceiling negotiations.)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Obama's Debt Debacle

Obama's normal posture
As a fairly self-described political junkie, even I am tired of the debt ceiling arguments and endless pontificating.  And Obama's pointless "campaign speech" this morning was just the capper.  Can't the man just govern gracefully?  At least something got done.  A nice analysis of the latest in hypocrisy and mistruths are described in this article.  Obviously the mainstreams and CNN/MSNBC clouded and obscured the truth of these negotiations on a daily basis (like insinuating we would "default" when we never were going to)(and dipping into deep, disturbing hysteria) - but even on Fox and other places we got into a bit of hyberbole and cheerleading (yes, I said it).  Day by day truths would be illuminated and falicies cleared up - in the end I like to think we all learned something (such as the lunacy of "base-line budgeting").

Even some of us with conservative leanings could be heard to yell at the last remaining obstinate Tea Partiers to please agree to something so we didn't have to turn all of this mess over to Obama - despite the overtly inane arguments of the Democrats.  One neat sidebar to this debate was seeing The One almost near useless at the end and looking silly giving speeches in primetime that basically no one paid attention to.  While not a whole heck of alot happened at this moment legislation-wise, what did happen was Obama was made peculiarly unneccesary.  Not good for a guy trying to get re-elected.
Amen, brother.

In the end though, the Republicans, and those racist, terrorist, hostage-taking Tea Partiers actually have taken a bold step in changing the course of spending in this country - and without shutting the government down.  So that's Boehner 1, Newt 0, for those of you scoring at home (with LP Obama not making an official appearance).

Oh yeah I forgot, he is making an appearance - at this fundraiser with, uh, er millionaires, billionaires and corporate jet owners.  Hypocrite.
UPDATE August 5:  S&P downgrades US debt to a AA rating down from a AAA rating.  Let the blame games begin!.