Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Death of a Nation 2

Still wondering how pro-life Representative Bart Stupak (and his nine other compatriate voters) could cave on his battle against federal funding for abortion in the new health care bill by buying the Executive Order BS that Obama sold him (and has not yet executed). Pure drivel. Sunday was a good night for Chicago politics. It’s nice to know some things never change; that back-room arm-twisting, extortion, blackmail, bribes, and pay-offs can still work wonders when applied to unthinking pie-in-the-sky I-don't-care-what-it-will-cost Democrats. Even ‘principled’ Democrats like pro-life Rep Bart Stupak folded like a Walmart lawn chair - or was it because of this? And isn't anybody the slight bit interested why 32 Democrats still voted AGAINST this?

Yes, our liberty took a serious kick in the teeth this weekend. The health care bill will put one-sixth of the U.S. economy in the hands of the federal government (it IS a takeover - just read the articles below). But even worse than assisting further in the bankrupting of our economy, our freedoms are now seriously diminished. And taxes will soar.

I seriously do not understand how we fight major wars to protect our freedom and then we elect socialists to rob it from us. We Americans became considerably less free on Sunday. And I don't buy this stuff the Obama ran as a centrist and went way left - he was a leftist from word one. When ABC anchor Charlie Gibson asked him during one of the debates why he would raise taxes when it would bring in less money - he didn't care - it was the principle to him - the socialist principle.

One of the best articles concerning the recent aftermath of Sunday's debacle can be found here in very simple and easy to understand terms. Some of you liberals might understand. And a twist by Jonah Goldberg about the inane end game of Obama is here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Death of a Nation

Why am I Republican?

Because Democrats can't tell the truth. They either don't understand what they are saying or they are just liars. Either reason is not comforting. Watching our country devolve into a socialist gulag this weekend while flipping back and forth between March Madness (the basketball variety) and C-SPAN, I noticed this with regularity. Saturday afternoon I was able to see the inner workings of the Rules Committee as it setup the health care vote on Sunday. Many Republicans, most notably Paul Ryan (R - MI) and Pete Session (R-TX), gave very credible and fact filled presentations to make the argument that the health care plan is not paid for - that the CBO score does not include all of the elements needed to evalute the economic impact of the bill, that it will not reduce the deficit, that it will drive primary care physicians out of business and other small items. What was the Democratic response? Hyperbole, stories, metaphors, colorful soliloquies - and lies.

Not one Democrat can explain the economics of the deal - when cornered on the many missing items of the CBO score they go off on another story - they don't answer questions. And apparently they don't have brains. Because at a time when the economy is struggling, the deficit is high - and more baby boomers are joining the ranks of Medicare (another entitlement fund that is going broke) - they decide to raid Medicare of $500 billion to "partly" fund this monstrosity of federal miscreance. Meanwhile Paul Ryan (see video below) can rattle figures off the tip of his tongue. Representative Xavier Becerra D- CA who tried to refute him just basically said nothing. No substantive argument whatsoever.

And apparently no brains whatsoever. Please read here and here for two good quick analyses of what really happened Sunday night. And why you don't see these common sense discussions on normal TV - I have no idea. All you see is puffery.

Totalitarianism has begun.