Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Death of a Nation 2

Still wondering how pro-life Representative Bart Stupak (and his nine other compatriate voters) could cave on his battle against federal funding for abortion in the new health care bill by buying the Executive Order BS that Obama sold him (and has not yet executed). Pure drivel. Sunday was a good night for Chicago politics. It’s nice to know some things never change; that back-room arm-twisting, extortion, blackmail, bribes, and pay-offs can still work wonders when applied to unthinking pie-in-the-sky I-don't-care-what-it-will-cost Democrats. Even ‘principled’ Democrats like pro-life Rep Bart Stupak folded like a Walmart lawn chair - or was it because of this? And isn't anybody the slight bit interested why 32 Democrats still voted AGAINST this?

Yes, our liberty took a serious kick in the teeth this weekend. The health care bill will put one-sixth of the U.S. economy in the hands of the federal government (it IS a takeover - just read the articles below). But even worse than assisting further in the bankrupting of our economy, our freedoms are now seriously diminished. And taxes will soar.

I seriously do not understand how we fight major wars to protect our freedom and then we elect socialists to rob it from us. We Americans became considerably less free on Sunday. And I don't buy this stuff the Obama ran as a centrist and went way left - he was a leftist from word one. When ABC anchor Charlie Gibson asked him during one of the debates why he would raise taxes when it would bring in less money - he didn't care - it was the principle to him - the socialist principle.

One of the best articles concerning the recent aftermath of Sunday's debacle can be found here in very simple and easy to understand terms. Some of you liberals might understand. And a twist by Jonah Goldberg about the inane end game of Obama is here.

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