Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama TV

"And welcome back our viewers! We are sure you enjoyed the rerun of Sanford and Son and now to our regularly scheduled infomercial from our lord and savior President Barack Obama and his High Princess Michelle (who at the moment does not hate this country)."

You know what we saw Wednesday night is what we are going to see if and when this blowhard gets elected. His infomerical was nothing more than a dreary repetition of what any Democrat would say over and over and he reaffirmed his "non-plan" for the future. And of course his economic plan slid a few facts or two. He had been saying that he would not tax anyone who makes less than $250K/yr but on this broadcast it slid to $200k/yr (and Joe Biden said recently it would be $150K/per year). Yup, you can trust these guys.
They've bought the nation's media.
One man state's Obama' s further lies here. America please wake up before you have Big Brother looking over your shoulder.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Back in the U.S.S.R

Welcome my socialist comrades! Next Tuesday (as the press continually tells us) we will do to this country what the Soviets could not do during the Cold War. The battles we waged in Korea and Vietnam will have remarkably not stopped the wave of socialist populism we worried about so much back then. And when Ronald Reagan told whatshisname to tear down the Berlin Wall - well that won't mean as much now (so why did Barack go there?). Carried away by a media that is morally and mentally corrupt we may just usher this "great society" into a gulag that would make James Madison role over in his grave.

Obama is clearly on record for redistributing wealth (please see here) and as far back as 2001. In his campaign stump speeches of the last 10 days he has stated that capitalism doesn't work (really?)(an overriding principle for the creation and evolution of this nation). He has worked and worshipped with people who hate this country - period. He was against the surge in Iraq - and was proven wrong but he cannot admit it. He consistantly given no specifics of what he really wants to do (besides give welfare checks to everyone who does not pay taxes) and when questioned consistently lies about that too - and his running mate, Joe Biden, is a maloproptic twit. The only thing Barack consistently says is that George Bush is the devil (much like Kathy Bates in "The Waterboy") and, thus so must be John McCain - over and over and over. With no put-back from the media. Not one specific and credible idea or credential to his name. What other presidential candidate has had this on his resume and would have even hoped for being elected - much less be drummed off the campaign trail?
Well, besides Hillary.

Meanwhile we have Democratic weasels reporting old BS talking points (here) when others question Barack's obvious socialist tendencies. And Joe Biden doesn't like anyone questioning him or his ticket about anything (here) - look how dopey his answers are to this competant Florida anchor. And by the way O'Reilly on Fox thought she was "too tough"! Bill, grow a couple please. So much for Fox being in the tank - they are way more balanced than any news entity around.

And all the rest of the news guys can talk about is Sarah Palin's clothes. Pathetic.
"Keep your balyaka's ringing out, come and keep your comrades warm.....I'm back in the U.S.S.R. You don't know how lucky you boys are....."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Democrat Tells the Truth the Media Needs to Hear - They're Liars

It's a runaway - it's tight - its a runaway. Frankly no one knows anything about what will happen. I am prediciting it will be closer than anyone can imagine. And, of course, I'm talking about the Presidential campaign of '08.

But what I cannot predict is why there are so many distorted views of facts and ongoing news items that tend to favor an inexpereinced hack who is going to, if elected, further destroy the economy of this country - as the Democrats have done so far. But unfortunately its the Republicans who get tarred and feathered.

And yes - John McCain could do a better job of pointing out Barack's welfare tax plan and other differences - but where is the media to do there job at all! It is out right appalling at the nonsense that people will nod there heads to and then on the other hand go attack. Joe the Plumber gets INVESTIGATED because he asked a question. Sarah Palin was asked a question by CNN based on an article that was quoted way beyond context. Joe Biden says statements that can only be attributed to a crazy unbalanced man. But no one says anything!
And it is because of the Democrats and the Clinton administration constantly beating on providing loans to people who could not pay them back that we are in this financial situation we are in. But what do you hear on the TV - "8 years of Bush" - it is so intelectually dishonest it is rather far from unbelievable. It is Rep. Dodd and Frank - but where is Katie Couric to incorrectly interrogate them?
Please read here from a knowledgeable Democrat who takes on the media for distorting every fact known to man. And why isn't this in the mainstream?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

She Rocks

If she did not win - she definitely held her own.

Meanwhile some Democratic female hack representitive got on Hannity & Colmes and couldn't answer anything.

The race is still on - hold on to your hats.