Monday, October 27, 2008

Back in the U.S.S.R

Welcome my socialist comrades! Next Tuesday (as the press continually tells us) we will do to this country what the Soviets could not do during the Cold War. The battles we waged in Korea and Vietnam will have remarkably not stopped the wave of socialist populism we worried about so much back then. And when Ronald Reagan told whatshisname to tear down the Berlin Wall - well that won't mean as much now (so why did Barack go there?). Carried away by a media that is morally and mentally corrupt we may just usher this "great society" into a gulag that would make James Madison role over in his grave.

Obama is clearly on record for redistributing wealth (please see here) and as far back as 2001. In his campaign stump speeches of the last 10 days he has stated that capitalism doesn't work (really?)(an overriding principle for the creation and evolution of this nation). He has worked and worshipped with people who hate this country - period. He was against the surge in Iraq - and was proven wrong but he cannot admit it. He consistantly given no specifics of what he really wants to do (besides give welfare checks to everyone who does not pay taxes) and when questioned consistently lies about that too - and his running mate, Joe Biden, is a maloproptic twit. The only thing Barack consistently says is that George Bush is the devil (much like Kathy Bates in "The Waterboy") and, thus so must be John McCain - over and over and over. With no put-back from the media. Not one specific and credible idea or credential to his name. What other presidential candidate has had this on his resume and would have even hoped for being elected - much less be drummed off the campaign trail?
Well, besides Hillary.

Meanwhile we have Democratic weasels reporting old BS talking points (here) when others question Barack's obvious socialist tendencies. And Joe Biden doesn't like anyone questioning him or his ticket about anything (here) - look how dopey his answers are to this competant Florida anchor. And by the way O'Reilly on Fox thought she was "too tough"! Bill, grow a couple please. So much for Fox being in the tank - they are way more balanced than any news entity around.

And all the rest of the news guys can talk about is Sarah Palin's clothes. Pathetic.
"Keep your balyaka's ringing out, come and keep your comrades warm.....I'm back in the U.S.S.R. You don't know how lucky you boys are....."


apathy lounge said...

Now you're just being silly.

Rock said...

Oh, so you're ok with your husband's construction business being taxed more under Obama? Will he be able to employ as many people then? He will take money from you like it was a late tip at a diner.

Today he said minimum wage should be $10 bucks - are you nuts?

You know this financial issue of late is a banking and liquidity issue - but there are basic economics at work that make us go day to day - and jacking up minimum wage (after it has just been significantly raised) is an immature proposal from an immature man.

Empty suit who just thinks he can buy votes. Plain and simple.

apathy lounge said...

1) You don't know anything about about how my husband's business is structured. We don't net $250,000 per year and if we did? We'd pay the taxes on it. He is NOT Joe the Plumber. Leave that dead horse be. A man with 14 cars and 7 houses doesn't give a crap about plumbers and how much they make unless his house is flooding.

2) If I'm making good money there's nothing strange about my husband taking money from me. It's no more awkward than me taking money from him. Most self-respecting women who have earned their own way in the world have plenty of trouble living off of their husband's money if they pause to stay home with kids for a bit. I know I did...back when I was doing it. But I'm married to a man who doesn't think his ego is more important than mine. Lucky me. I don't have to live with someone who thinks it's 1954, so your crack about the late tip at a diner? Low.

3)So many of your criticisms about Democrats are based on stereotypes and yet you seem to harbor no resentment or criticism for the foibles and flaws of your own party. It's almost as if you really believe we're as bad as you say we are and that your party knows all the answers. It makes civil conversation really difficult here...or anywhere else.
You're so...angry. Why haven't you been angry with the moves your party made to get us into this mess? How can everything possibly be blamed on the Democrats? It doesn't make sense. It's convenient and childish and predictable, yes. But it doesn't figure.
4) Don't taxes redistribute the wealth anyway? I doubt Obama really wants to take Donald Trump's money and give it straight to the guy who drives the sanitation truck in your neighborhood. It's not possible and it would never happen. But it makes for good scare tactics and good headlines on FOX. And you fall for them every time. What Obama means is that wealthy people make more and have more options and loopholes that help them pay less in taxes. We have far fewer options. People with one house generally do have fewer options. If the wealthy paid according to the strictures that we follow, maybe the burden on us would be less trying. THAT'S what he means. Earlier Palin spoke about how Alaskans (under her plan) share the benefits of all profits the state gleans from its drilling investments. Why isn't anyone nailing her for using the word "sharing" and isn't that a lot like "spreading the wealth".
And? She's not all that hot, my friend. She's the result of a tanning booth and hair weave. Surely the VP needs more background than that.

5)Try sending kids to college with no tax break for it. You really have no idea.

6)Empty suit? I'm not sure that's really true. What I do know is that McCain is too old, too angry and too unpredictable to be President. You hate the rock star image you believe Obama has and yet you crow unashamedly about the response Palin supposedly garnered from the Bible thumpers and Neo-Cons among you. McCain's first pick would have been Lieberman, but he listened to his advisors and chose Palin and now he's stuck. The worse it looks for him, the crazier the accusations are that come from that camp. It's sad...and yes...silly.
8) Some idiot in our town wrote to the paper and claimed that if Obama wins the election he would be controlling the content of our newspaper in one year because he's a socialist. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry because I live in a city with people who are that stupid.

7)When did you get to be like this?

Rock said...

Hey look do me a favor. Until this summer I used to watch MSNBC all the time - I actually liked Chris Mathews, thought he was a learned Washington and historical insider - sort of the cut of David Brinckley.

And then everything got very ugly as part of a strategic shift to get ratings. Until then I never watched Fox - as you always like to go there and think everyone gets brainwashed by Fox or Rush or whatever.

Watch Fox someday - I actually scream at that program too - they have more unintelligible liberals on from Politico that drive me nuts.

By the way the "he" I was referring to in my previous post was Obama, not someone else. You totally misread that.

And I have always been like this. It's called being an American.

apathy lounge said...

You can't co-opt the term "American". You're no more an American than I am. And no more right. Thinking it doesn't make it so.

Rock said...

Blah blah blah blah.....

apathy lounge said...

Such a telling response. No mind.