Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama TV

"And welcome back our viewers! We are sure you enjoyed the rerun of Sanford and Son and now to our regularly scheduled infomercial from our lord and savior President Barack Obama and his High Princess Michelle (who at the moment does not hate this country)."

You know what we saw Wednesday night is what we are going to see if and when this blowhard gets elected. His infomerical was nothing more than a dreary repetition of what any Democrat would say over and over and he reaffirmed his "non-plan" for the future. And of course his economic plan slid a few facts or two. He had been saying that he would not tax anyone who makes less than $250K/yr but on this broadcast it slid to $200k/yr (and Joe Biden said recently it would be $150K/per year). Yup, you can trust these guys.
They've bought the nation's media.
One man state's Obama' s further lies here. America please wake up before you have Big Brother looking over your shoulder.

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