Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's Official...

...Taylor Swift can't sing at all. Last night on the Grammy's she had a great potential moment to sing a handful of tunes on a huge stage with hero Stevie Nick's and ...well she was just horrible. Off key the entire time - couldn't even sing her own song - and you had to feel for Stevie who never had that problem. And what the heck was the Gold Dust Woman doing up with the off-key pixie. You could see Stevie regretting this guest spot at the end.

On several public forums this past year Taylor has not been able to keep a tune - Saturday Night Live, Dancing with the Stars - nice kid, great story - terrible public singer.

By the way - Mary J. Blige is not much better. At least Taylor is a nice person.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sorry State of the Union Address

An unheralded mess of teleprompted sound bites and mediocre ideas/programs. An embarassment by any means. And a bunch of lies.

Just pathetic.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mickey Mantle in Pads

Is it just me or is everyone pulling out there Brett Favre screwed it up script and just handing it to him (after his Minnesota Vikings dissappointing loss to the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship)? Yes he did throw an interception in the waning minutes while trying to find extra yards to get his field goal kicker on the field for the winning kick in the final seconds. Critics said he could run for the extra yards - but he had a gimpy leg after an almost fatal tackle just a quarter ago that left him severely hobbled - such that most did not even think he would come back from the hit and continue.

Yes. of course it Brett Favre's fault - he threw a pick -its all on him. I have never seen an athlete where people want to foist so much praise on and then in the next second tear him down. This season was a miracle of sports to behold. I have commented to many people, that where there are really few "sports heroes" - that this guy, history and all, is really Mickey Mantle. He is a guy you can root for, appears humble, says it like it is - and is pretty darn good.

But what was the real story of the game - it wasn't Favre's interception (or interceptions as the commentators wanted you to know about all game long - he had one after being crushed to the ground). The Vikings and more importantly running back Peterson fumbled five times (and actually more but that covered up some). THAT IS WHY THEY LOST.

In fact Brett Favre pulled himself off the ground and out of an injured ankle to lead the Vikings back to tie the game even though his teammates were laying the ball on the ground at will. they would have been NOWHERE without him. It was one of the guttiest performances of all time. And if they had won - and if there had not been 12 people in the huddle with 30 seconds left in regulation - the reporters would have been letting you know all about it.
But you won't hear that from the media - they just want to roast the arrogant and defiant Favre. How dare he actually try to take a team to the Super Bowl at the age of 41.

Media run amok.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes he can!

Thank you Massachussetts. Democracy lives.

In a stunning reversal of fortune a state congressman of MA drives his 200,000 mile Ford truck through bluster and White House nonsense to claim the 41st Republican seat in the Senate.

Thank God.

Speaking of God - that's Teddy Kennedy's car being pulled out of the Chappaquidiq with Mary Jo Kopeckne's body in it.

Karma, people.