Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!

My 20th fantasy football season started this year in Biloxi, Mississippi at the end of August with a band of buddies from all walks of life. My team is known as the Juggernauts - a term I chose, from amongst other things, sports lingo and basic comic book lore. As I prepared to meet old high school, college, work and other aquaintenances (and basic gambling derelicts) for our annual draft (which had somehow grown from my simple back yard event, including pissing in the shrubs, - to now being held at any far flung casino resort that a simple majority of team owners could stomach) I looked for appropriate "draft-wear' - something that could hold up to the annual five-hour smoke-filled haze that for some reason we so drearily love. Last year my "I Wish I Was WaterBoarding" T-shirt scored both populist and political points from the mostly southern group so I was looking for something similar. However I was bored with various other political t-shirts of the day. As I looked for something on the Juggernaut comic character from the Marvel Spiderman and X-Men comics, I was surprised to find that someone had "goofed" on the Juggernaut from an old TV cartoon series - and that it had become such a You Tube sensation that it had spawned a whole level of t-shirts carrying the moniker shown above.

Of course everyone at the draft thought I had them made - but I didn't - just ordered off the site. Apparently the You-Tube video (made in 2005) became so popular that they even mentioned it one of the X-Men movies (shown below).

And yes, I think that bitch was Juno. Juno and the Juggernaut. How poetic.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He's a Scary Man

Obama was very angry last night my friends.

As he defended his forever meandering health care (insurance) reform plan - in his 29th speech on the topic - President Obama warned those that disagreed with him that "we will take down your name and call you on it". Earlier he had asked for new ideas to the plan - you know the one he wanted passed in August before the Congressional recess. He said that nice. Then later he screamed at people if they dared disagree with him.

Here's a surprisingly critical piece by AP written right after the speech that shows holes in his argument. And here is a well written response from a true American. As usual the President has promised too much and can't pay for it - for the 29th time. And everyone knows it.

No wonder he's angry.