Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MSM Benghazi Cover-up Continues

Grab a stool...nothing to see here.

President Obama, the Defense Department and the main stream media still refuse to talk about the tragic events in Benghazi.  However, President Obama was able to make a short press conference appearance yesterday for the first time in months to talk about tropical storm Sandy, take one question, get a photo-op and then escape from the press. I don't think I've ever seen a President race from the podium so fast. 
Barack  Usain "Bolt" Obama.  Pretty pathetic.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBS News Spends More Time Hyping Old "48 Hours" Episode Then On-going Benghazi Mystery

This is the wrong mystery
As our headline says, CBS News has spent considerable time promoting an old "48 Hours Mystery" episode for this Friday, instead of the on-going real-time mystery with the Benghazi attacks.
As a serious fan of the show I am interested in updates of past and present homocidal mysteries that the show presents.  But I have seen this show before and it is not something new.  But I saw several promotional bits about the show on CBS Morning yesterday and this morning and at other locales.  It frankly seemed to be promoted from Wednesday to Friday this week.  Meanwhile there was no mention of the recent "mystery" surrounding the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Fox News has been steadfast in breaking several details about the Benghazi attack that killed our Libyan ambassador and three brave Americans.  That network has discovered that the CIA denied requests to help our "folks on the ground".  The father of one of those brave Seal's has gone on record to say he believes the adminstration "murdered his son" because they declined efforts to help a consulate under fire. While the current administration continues to not comment on the controversey, President Obama himself asserted today during an interview with a Denver TV station that the Benghazi attacks "are not what this election is about".
The real mystery

By the way, in the "48 Hours Mystery" that was so heavily hyped, the guy was found not guilty.  Meanwhile in the real Benghazi mystery we have four dead Americans and a President who is obviously lying, and or, not coming clean. about what he was doing when the attack happened.  Hey CBS!  Guess what you're next 48 Hours should be about?

A lying and guilty President.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tonight's Debate: Will "Bob" Pull a "Candy" and Tackle Mitt? - or - I Thought the Replacement Refs Were Gone Already

"Throw the flag!!!"
For the record, I think Romney will do just fine tonight - in the third Presidential Debate which is supposed to solely focus on foreign affairs.  Most mainstream media articles I have read proclaim low expectations for Romney because "he doesn't have much international experience" and also because he dared to comment on London's Olympic security (which was underfire by the British press at the time).  The reality is that as a businessman Romney has considerable more experience in foreign markets then Obama even has today.  Meanwhile, no one seems to remember that Obama had zero foreign relations experience when he was elected, and frankly had almost zero experience in anything else save self-promotion and narciscism.

I did not come into this election a follower of Romney's, but during the early Republican primary debates he stood out on foreign affairs.  I was impressed at his command of the facts, his ability to pronounce names (you say Netanyahu three times), and his passion to correct what he sees as the pathetic, apoligistic approach this current administration has taken toward the world.  If expectations are low then he will do just fine - unless we have a "ref" come on the field and tackle the QB just as he's lunging for the goaline.

I thought these guys were gone?
 Because that is what CNN's Candy Crowley did last week.  I mean, seriously - the actions of last week's "moderator" at the second Presidential Debate were outrageous.  As the talk turned to the unbelievable obfuscation of the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi debacle, Mitt circled the President to catch him in a lie about not classifying the attack as a terrorist operation (the administration had blamed this all on a video instead of the obvious terrorist attack it was).  But Crowley interupted him (threw the flag), proclaimed the President was correct (gave him the ball) and then proceeded to the next question (kept running the clock).  And the MSM says Romney bungled this?  They blew the whistle and stopped the play as he was running for the final score!

Let's hope old venerable Bob Schieffer (CBS) doesn't throw himself in the game as well.  Besides, Obama's got alot of explaining to do.  Hmm, I wonder how Anchorman Ron Burgandy would handle this?

Monday, October 08, 2012

TKObama - Now the Post-Fight Analysis...

'No mas"
The left, and many of their cohorts in the main stream media, have had an interesting take after Mitt Romney’s impressive dismantling of a sitting President in last week’s debate. They say it was because of the altitude, or because Obama is too busy being President, or because the moderator lost control, or because Barack forgot to buy Michelle an anniversary present or because….Romney lied.

This meme is preposterous – by the way if you want to know if a Obama surrogate is spouting campaign manufactured talking points just see how often you hear the same exact line repeated over and over. Directly after the debate Obama’s team got together and just came up with this “lie” business (sometimes referred to Romney’s “theatrical” performance or he wasn’t who he really is). This is even more outrageous since it has been President Obama who has consistently lied to the American people for years.

Clint was right
Much of the “lie” meme is based on the fact that Romney wants to cut tax rates and cut loopholes which can encourage growth in the private sector. Why liberals and many on TV cannot understand this concept is beyond me. By reducing rates for small businesses (that Obama says are "millionaires and billionaires" which frankly is any couple or business that earns $250K or more) they can hire more workers,  i.e. more "taxpayers" and drive increased "tax revenue". With 24/7 news you would think that many in the media could explain the difference between "tax rates" and "tax revenue" instead of just keeping score (Bush's tax "rate" cuts actually produced the greatest tax revenue ever in our nation - Reagan's tax cuts had a similar windfall as did, gasp, JFK's).  Do your work media.  It's simple math.  Too bad that can't be effectively used on our unemployment reports that now don't even count the chronically unemployed in its calculations.  Math indeed.

And by the way – the score is Romney 1, Obama 0. And its just getting started - and the leftists know it.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Clint Eastwood Was Right

"Somebody get me out of here..."
A major annoyance of mine over the last month, and especially leading up to the first debate, was how the conservative pundit class and other chattering jabberwockies were always telling Romney what he needs to do. "He needs to attack, he needs to be nice, he needs to hit on foreign policy, pivot back to the economy or give some national address."  I mean, shut up already.

Last night’s performance at the first Presidential Debate shows us that Mitt is doing just fine and can probably think for pretty well for himself. I don’t know how you do as well in business, save the Olympics and run a Democratic state as a Republican governor without knowing a thing or two. And I also don’t understand where the low expectations of him originate. He was the only adult on the stage during the rough and tumble Republican primary. When his back was against the wall in Florida he destroyed Newt Gingrich. He is direct, in command of his facts and above all professional.  He's a captain of industry for gods sake! Meanwhile Obama gives the same worn talking points, doesn't engage in conversation (well he's eye candy you know) and is less than nimble on his feet.  And he just doesn' t know anything after four years in office.

Nothing to see here
If the contrast between Obama and Romney couldn’t be more apparent from Mitt’s absolute drumming of a sitting President I don’t know what else will. (And the absolute freak out by the left is glaring to the point of what kind of insulated bubble they seemingly all inhabit - along with their own discombobulated sense of distorted facts). 

It is quite clear that the current emperor has no clothes – or if he does, it’s an empty suit.