Monday, October 08, 2012

TKObama - Now the Post-Fight Analysis...

'No mas"
The left, and many of their cohorts in the main stream media, have had an interesting take after Mitt Romney’s impressive dismantling of a sitting President in last week’s debate. They say it was because of the altitude, or because Obama is too busy being President, or because the moderator lost control, or because Barack forgot to buy Michelle an anniversary present or because….Romney lied.

This meme is preposterous – by the way if you want to know if a Obama surrogate is spouting campaign manufactured talking points just see how often you hear the same exact line repeated over and over. Directly after the debate Obama’s team got together and just came up with this “lie” business (sometimes referred to Romney’s “theatrical” performance or he wasn’t who he really is). This is even more outrageous since it has been President Obama who has consistently lied to the American people for years.

Clint was right
Much of the “lie” meme is based on the fact that Romney wants to cut tax rates and cut loopholes which can encourage growth in the private sector. Why liberals and many on TV cannot understand this concept is beyond me. By reducing rates for small businesses (that Obama says are "millionaires and billionaires" which frankly is any couple or business that earns $250K or more) they can hire more workers,  i.e. more "taxpayers" and drive increased "tax revenue". With 24/7 news you would think that many in the media could explain the difference between "tax rates" and "tax revenue" instead of just keeping score (Bush's tax "rate" cuts actually produced the greatest tax revenue ever in our nation - Reagan's tax cuts had a similar windfall as did, gasp, JFK's).  Do your work media.  It's simple math.  Too bad that can't be effectively used on our unemployment reports that now don't even count the chronically unemployed in its calculations.  Math indeed.

And by the way – the score is Romney 1, Obama 0. And its just getting started - and the leftists know it.

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