Thursday, March 22, 2012

Romney Wins Illinois; "Its Over" Again; Detractors and Networks Want to Talk About Etch-A-Sketch Nonsense

It's time to get on the Romney bandwagon.
Mitt Romney won a decisive double-digit race over Rick Santorum in Illinois on Tuesday and coupled with his winning delgate haul from the previous week all but cemented himself as the the 2012 Republican nominee.  In fact after the win former Florida Governor Jeb Bush gave his recommendation to Romney and thus removed himself as a potential white knight candidate.  And today prominent Tea Party supporter South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said he "was excited about Romney being the potential canididate".  These are strong endorsements and signals from the far right that all Republicans are coallescing around the commanding front runner.

Meanwhile Fox News and other networks continue to talk about how Rick Santorum is "still in the race" even though he would now have to win 74% of the remaining delegates.  And many are trying to make full news cycles about a Romney operative comparing the primary and general election strategies to that of an Etch-A-Sketch, which also has prompted to Santorum and Gingrich to start a run on the '50's era toy that is made in China.  I have also noticed a trend that many perennial Fox viewers are now watching CNN on election night because of the perceived anti-Romney bias at Fox.  They even have their own Facebook page.

Guys, the door to the bandwagon is wide open.  Get on board.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Super Tuesday Recap

The Path to Victory
As predicted below Romney won big on Super Tuesday - and despite winning 6 0f 10 states the media basically paints it like he lost. Reasonably minded consevative radio hosts like Michael Medved and Hugh Hewitt have called the media out on that point.  Romney has won and that is it - and why media types want to portray the primary as still a horse race is beyond many.

And, in fact, the fix is still in amongst media types against Romney. Fox News, the most virulent anti-Obama organization there is, still diminishes Romney's frontrunner status and disdains his gains - and this from a candidate who has exit polling showing that Mitt is most characterized as the candidate who can best beat Obama in the general election.  All I, and any reasonable person, can gain from this is that those who want to win the general election and beat Obama voted for Romney.  Those that are foolish idiots voting for other ridiculous, meaningless reasons are voting for the other guys.  And why are we having this election?

Meanwhile, the press is overly lazy in analyzing Romney's win.  Early last night Fox News wouldn't call the Vermont and Virginia races early and their anchors trashed Romney before they called it 20 minutes later (but if you listened to local conservative radio you would know that the exit polls already had the races for Romney).  So why did they toy with him?  On MSNBC they suprisingly grudgingly gave him due - but also cricized him the next hour.  Chris Mathews lauded Romney this morning and later tonight castigated him on his nightly show (sheesh - take your meds Chris).  On CNN Donna Brazille said Romney should have won Ohio by a larger margin even though he trailed by 20 point two weeks earlier.  On FOX a liberal analyst said Romney had a problem with "conservatives, tea partiers, women and children".  Didn't know "children" voted exactly, and Romney actually won the women vote in Ohio and actually split the Tea Party vote with Santorum.

They are lazy.  And they are the press.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

It's Over - Romney is the Ticket

The Man
I'm posting this even before the primary elections occur today.  It is way early LA time, but Romney will be the delegate for the Republican party - hands down.  I have been saying this for the last two months.  Others have tried to make all sorts of twisted and obtuse reasons why he shouldn't - but he will win most of the primaries today and, more importantly, most of the delegates.  As much as the pundits on cable would like to over analyze the polls and prolong the result for ratings (and they have purposefully), the proof is in the pudding - Romney's the man.

Last week the guy won Arizona and Michigan - and as much as the TV tried to make Michigan Romney's waterloo it didn't happen (and, boy didn't they play that up?).  In fact, if he didn't win Michigan it wouldn't have even mattered - he still would have split the delegates with Santorum.  But he did win, and would have won more if Santorum hadn't tried to recruit Democrats to his side.

I will be on the road tomorrow and probably not able to post about Romney's great victory - but it is a great story.  As much as the press wants to tell  you that the Republican primary was overly drawn out (and its just early March), let us remember that Obama and Hillary went all the way until June bickering all the way about who was the most "black president" - and that wasn't an ugly primary?  I have to laugh.  In all actuallity the primary headache with the Republicans is that they inexplicably hosted almost 20 debates.

Romney's the man - and he will beat Obama handily.  You heard it here first.   Meanwhile, be prepared because the idiots at MNSBC's Morning Joe have already started tearing him down today (including deluded psuedo-Republicans like Joe Scarborough!).  In fact, by the looks of those guys faces on that show they are scared shitless.  And because of that, they are dredging up every halfway issue about Romney - it's pathetic, and a sign that we are doing well.  Shut up Joe.  You look stupid.  And you're sitting next to Mika!