Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Weeks Notice

The first two weeks have certainly not been pretty. Despite the deluge of magazines clogging my mailbox that extoll the virtues of a new day there has been little evidence of that - and more strikingly - many instances of incredible naivete and chief executive bungling.

  • Obviously the latest news is that many of Obama's cabinet nominations have come under fire - we have the new Treasury secretary (who will run the IRS?) admitting he didn't pay all of his taxes - and apparently he is the brain that can get us out of the economic mess. He got approved by Congress anyway. Then on top of that - Daschle and Killefer have no recused themselves from their appointments (Health Secretary and some new "performance czar" post) because they had tax trouble also. Bad form for "the change we can believe in". Frankly pathetic. Obama said he greatly supported Daschle yesterday. Today he pulled his name.
  • The much ballyhoooed "stimulus" package is nothing but a Nancy Pelosi gussied up massive pork barrel spending zeppelin of a bill that will do nothing to create one job. It is not a stimulus at all. And Obama was telling us as early as two weeks ago (and actually before he got inaugurated) that this had to pass. What has to pass? A bill that will do nothing but cripple the nation? There is nothing here to stimulate anything. And with every new statement he makes about it he appears further detached from what he was even promoting. This is very alarming. (And as of Feb 3 Obama still said "we cannot wait" to pass this bloated non-constructive bill!!!!!) Please explain this oh great one. (A concise analysis of this "stimulus" bill can be found here.)

  • Obama's first week showed him closing down the prison camp in Cuba know as Guantanomo Bay (or "Gitmo") where we have terrorists encamped - and in doing so has no place to put them. On the same day he said the US should provide money for abortions abroad. So in one stroke he gave more rights and freedom to people who want to kill us and less (or zero) freedom to unborn innocents. I'm so glad he wasted little time to do this. More change we can believe in - again. Kill the babies. Free the terrorists.
  • He then signs another executive order saying that lobbyists cannot serve within the administration - then goes right out and hires a former lobbyist for Raytheon.

And on top of that it is apparent this is the thinnest skinned man to be in the White House for some time. For all of the incredible stress the past President had to bear during 9/11 and the all of the unbearabel heat he had to endure later he never cracked or waivered. Just last night Obama sniped at Chris Wallace during an interview. During the campaign this looked like sparring. Now it looks like - well it doesn't look pretty. In fact it just looks plain incompetant.

And the polls have shown in just a short time that the "people" (who wanted change) now oppose this ill-advised and stupidly proposed stimulus plan! But somehow the party and adoration goes on. Steve Martin hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and proclaimed in his monologue "wow how about Barack Obama? If you had told me 8 years ago we would have a smart guy in the White House, I would have been surprised". Or something like that.

Steve, look around. I'm not having happy feet. And neither should you.

See here. This was some of the reasons that helped cause 9.11 in the first place - and he is now taking steps to undo things. Meanwhile the vaunted "stimulus" plan is a joke with only 3% of the estimated $800 billion going to the much trumpeted infrastructure projects that are supposed to create jobs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not On The Ball.....

Again our new President-to-be commented on the college football championship situation in light of Florida winning the National Championship over Okahoma this Thursday night. Upon receiving a question about the game while introducing his joke of an "national intelligence" team, he commented that "Texas, Utah and USC may have quibbles with the outcome - that's why we need a playoff".

While I disagree with his assessment (we don't need a playoff) it does show a general knowledge for what is going on in sports and the collegiate game. Unfortunately this man cannot even remotely make similar comments about anything else going on in this country. He has yet to utter a sentence which shows he has facilities regarding any major issue - and most specifically the economy and the war on terror. He now wants to chat with terrorists, undo our laws which have kept us safe, release the terrorists from their prison and irresponsibly spend our way out of the recession. And in fact since our economic situation is so dire I don't even understand why he is commenting on this at all. In fact if you were to poll the nation this is the one thing people would understand where the new President stands.

Reporter: "Where do you think the new President-Elect stands on the college football debate?"

Man on the Street: "He wants a playoff - that's for sure."

Reporter: "How is Obama going to help the economy?"

Man on the Street: "Fuck if I know".

There is your audacity of hope. What a load.