Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knute Rockne is Rolling Over....

There is nothing in American life that the new President-elect won't hesitate to alter and interfere in. Not only will he wreak havoc on a sputtering economy by bailing out every company known to man - and also increase the tax burden on every American - he will also destroy college football by "throwing his weight around" and creating an unneccesary 8 team playoff (see here) Note how he says its okay to trim the regular season schedule - what? Why don't we just outlaw apple pie as well and make our paper money pink, for pete sakes.

While there are many people who clamor for a playoff system in college football (for a number of hackneyed and ill-advised reasons) there are probably not many other things I would vigorously defend more - next to 1) the protection of our country, 2) to keep our fiscal policy conservative, and 3) let our citizens hold on to their hard earned money - than maintaining the pristine sanctity of the college football season. It should not be cheapened with a come one, come all shootout at the end where anybody can win - and especially if a team has gone undefeated and now has to go through a gauntlet of undeserving teams to satisfy gluttoness sportscasters - and apparently now, an equally clueless and unappreciative President-elect. At least a few sports columnists agree with me on how a "play-off" would just ruin one of the greatest autumn aspects of Americana (here and here).

I guess this is what "change" is. Glad his priorities are all in line with what the country really needs right now. And thanks 60 Minutes for doing your deep down investigative reporting (here).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

And then there was light - and a new dawn emerged.

What a load - of whatever. The good news here is that a black man was elected President and an important civil rights hurdle has been...uh, er... hurdled. No one can ever say again it can't happen here - the "man" didn't hold you down, it happened. But the problem here is Barack didn't run as a black candidate - race was never an issue here - there were almost universally 99% white faces in that crowd in Grant Park on election night. So can we get over that please? Race is not an issue in this country - its whether you can work hard and communicate and make your case - as with anyone else in any position - that matters. And apparently Obama made his case better than John McCain - and Hillary Clinton, for that matter.

The reality is in presidential elections I think most people elect an "idea" of a person. Some of us can argue the exact details of some of the campaign promises (like Obama pretty much just lied about his tax plan so it could sail over anyone's head who doesn't have a college education) but that usually seems to get washed by the board. Why, in fact, would most people who make over $250K vote for a tax increase they will most undoubtedly receive - and just not a minor one, because with the repeal of the Bush tax cuts (which made the economy move on very well even after the disastorous economic conditions that we had to deal with after 9/11) will be gone and then Obama will raise them even more. It doesn't make sense. What were they thinking? Maybe they were hypnotized after all (see here).

Obama conveys a natural cool which I guess is appealing, and his campaign had one of the best technical and internet setups ever to be seen in modern elections (did you know that they had everyone on each campaign stop take out there cell phones and asked everyone to call their friends so that they could build their database of people to call later?) but he is vastly inexperienced and he was financed by the far left loons who will want to lurch our great country into a balkan gulag. And it is very evident that he pretty much just bought the election - $600 million to McCain's $85 million - and a bunch of it which sounds like it was illegally obtained - through accepting unverified internet credit card contributions which are illegal under the federal campaigning guidelines.

Of course you won't hear that from the main stream media who ignored every horrible connection with terrorists or unsavory characters this man (this President of the United States) had had over the past several years. But now that the election is over it will slowly come - and then you will ask yourself "why didn't I hear about all this stuff in the news?"

Because they were in the tank, Darling. And they admit it! (here)

And as for Sarah Palin and the rest of the media losing its mind, my favorite lesbian feminist Camile Paligia says it best and proudly here. Seriously, be careful for what you wish for - because it is going to be alot different than what you thought.

George Orwell - your table is waiting.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve and all was quiet...

A couple of weeks ago I said it would be tighter than anyone could imagine at the time. I stick to that. I don't know enough to call underdog elections or anything like that but I do believe several things about this certain election:

  • The mainstream media has been in the bag for Obama from Day 1.
  • Obama has said absolutely nothing about what he really "can" do and has no accomplishment to even show to prove what he can do except for writing two BS books and hanging out with Chicago power players to get himself noticed.

  • And, I'm sorry, but he's just a liar.... he will raise everyone's taxes and he doesn't care if it doesn't really bring in new revenue (as Charlie Gibson told him in one of the debates) - he just wants it to be fair - it begins with an "s" people.

  • Obama surrounds himself with bad people who all hate America. And he's married to one.

  • Obama wants to take money away from Joe the Plumber and give it to Samir the lavish non-working neighbor of Obama in Chicago.

  • And he wants to investigate Joe the Plumber further for even daring to ask him a question that wasn't previously vetted the MainStream Media.

  • And he has asked the Ohio government to investigate him. New politics my ass.

  • McCain is a patriot.

  • McCain spent more time in a POW camp than Obama has spent in the Senate - much less than run for President.

  • McCain has fought within his own party and is the furthest thing from George Bush - if that is something you care about.

  • Joe Biden is a doofus - who was only selected because Obama couldn't stomach picking Hillary.

  • Sarah Palin is a patriot and a bulldog (anyone see her on the stump the past two days?)
Barack Obama will turn this county into a balkan gulag. Here is one man's opinion of what the future may hold (here.)

Yesterday afternoon the Rasmussen poll which has been shown on the Fox network for months showed major gains for McCain in the battleground states as pointed out by others on certain blogs. While the MSM has told you all weekend long that it is over, there are no undecided voters and that Barack will deport his illegal alien Aunt living in a projects in Boston, this baby is closer than you think. There will be surprises.

Finally, the hopefull secret weapon, that curiously is not talked about on the MSM are the PUMAs. PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass and represents all of the Hillary campaigners who feel Obama just railroaded them with typical Chicago-type election thuggary (get ready for that in the White House you McPalin-haters). And they despise Obama such that they have gone house to house in PA and OH to campaign for McCain/Palin! They believe they represent up to 4 million of the 18 million who voted for Hillary in the primaries - and even if the only bring in 25% of that then that could swing those states. And, thus in all of the exhaustive polling that has gone on showing these massive Obama leads it is going to show that many "poll-ees" were not telling people that they were going to vote for McCain and ot telling anybody anthing especially after how they saw Obama run the caucus states and bus in Chicago thugs. But pollsters have already assumed Hillary voters to Barack. You can read a bunch of the story right here - and why no one network has caught on to this with all of their polling and investigative journalism and as they stand in the mega-studios amongst their big electronic maps.....

But the bottom line is that Pinnochio, yea That One, can win the popular vote easy (he will win CA and NY by 4 million votes if not more) but can seriously lose the electoral college.

I'm looking forward to a heck of a day. You betcha.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Try our Obama Tax Quiz

Okay, it's only three days before the election and Barack Obama has been campaigning for 2 years. Can you tell us exactly what his tax plan is for the country - you know, the one he keeps talking about but seems to change all the time - I guess that's what they mean by a Change We Can Believe.

(By the way - on Bart's chalkboard up there it says "I will not question my liberal puppetmasters". That is an Obama classroom. You might have to get used to it.)

Question 1: How much do you have to make (or not make) to receive a dead lead pipe cinch tax break as a middle class American under Mr. Obama's "Share the Wealth" plan. Is it for all those who make less than:

a) $250K? - which is what Obama has said as late as earlier this month

b) $200K - which is what Obama said on his infomercial this week

c) $150K - which is what doofus Joe Biden said this week (where is he now anyway?)

d) $120K - which is what prospective Obama cabinet member (not anymore) Bill Richardson said on radio this week, and

e) $42.6K - what Obama voted for in Congress.

Yeah - he's a real decisive decision maker all right - or so said soothsayer Joe Klein in his pap piece on Obama in the last week's Time magazine. My god - why does Time and Newsweek treat Obama like he is Jesus Christ? Just look at the fawning pictures. Has he bought you all out? Seriously has the whole world just lost their ability to add and multiply? The tax quiz above only talks about income taxes but Obama will increase social security taxes and capital gains taxes as well - all of which have shown not to provide anymore revenue at all. But he wants to be "fair". Why would nearly 50% of the country say - yes tax me more - I will like it - I don't care if you don't make sense Obama - but I like a man with a lot of vowels in his name. And of course his tax plan actually will just give checks to a slew of voters who don't pay taxes anyway - there is nothing more presidential than buying an election. Again, Change.
The bottomline is nobody knows who this guy is - and why does he want to tax us into oblivion when it is proven it will not produce more revenue for the national coffers. Well, more is described by a former classmate here.
God help us.
Footnote: It's 9:30 AM EDT Saturday November 1st. Fox is showing the most spirited speech from John McCain I have ever seen (which was after Sarah Palin was letting it rip at another site). On CBS? Jugglers. CNN? A roundtable of nobodys discussing the financial crisis - 3 days before the election? NBC? A consultant talking about food addiction. MSNBC? Wow. There actually showing it. Maybe Keith Olberman finally lost it. Or they ran out of prison documentaries.