Saturday, November 01, 2008

Try our Obama Tax Quiz

Okay, it's only three days before the election and Barack Obama has been campaigning for 2 years. Can you tell us exactly what his tax plan is for the country - you know, the one he keeps talking about but seems to change all the time - I guess that's what they mean by a Change We Can Believe.

(By the way - on Bart's chalkboard up there it says "I will not question my liberal puppetmasters". That is an Obama classroom. You might have to get used to it.)

Question 1: How much do you have to make (or not make) to receive a dead lead pipe cinch tax break as a middle class American under Mr. Obama's "Share the Wealth" plan. Is it for all those who make less than:

a) $250K? - which is what Obama has said as late as earlier this month

b) $200K - which is what Obama said on his infomercial this week

c) $150K - which is what doofus Joe Biden said this week (where is he now anyway?)

d) $120K - which is what prospective Obama cabinet member (not anymore) Bill Richardson said on radio this week, and

e) $42.6K - what Obama voted for in Congress.

Yeah - he's a real decisive decision maker all right - or so said soothsayer Joe Klein in his pap piece on Obama in the last week's Time magazine. My god - why does Time and Newsweek treat Obama like he is Jesus Christ? Just look at the fawning pictures. Has he bought you all out? Seriously has the whole world just lost their ability to add and multiply? The tax quiz above only talks about income taxes but Obama will increase social security taxes and capital gains taxes as well - all of which have shown not to provide anymore revenue at all. But he wants to be "fair". Why would nearly 50% of the country say - yes tax me more - I will like it - I don't care if you don't make sense Obama - but I like a man with a lot of vowels in his name. And of course his tax plan actually will just give checks to a slew of voters who don't pay taxes anyway - there is nothing more presidential than buying an election. Again, Change.
The bottomline is nobody knows who this guy is - and why does he want to tax us into oblivion when it is proven it will not produce more revenue for the national coffers. Well, more is described by a former classmate here.
God help us.
Footnote: It's 9:30 AM EDT Saturday November 1st. Fox is showing the most spirited speech from John McCain I have ever seen (which was after Sarah Palin was letting it rip at another site). On CBS? Jugglers. CNN? A roundtable of nobodys discussing the financial crisis - 3 days before the election? NBC? A consultant talking about food addiction. MSNBC? Wow. There actually showing it. Maybe Keith Olberman finally lost it. Or they ran out of prison documentaries.

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Rock said...

And then at halftime of the Texas - Texas Tech game Charlie Gibson of ABC came on to remind everybody of the election-day set and then proceded to say the following:

- Obama has a lead that cannot be made up with three days to go

- All the battleground states are sewn up for Obama

- and there really are no undecided voters out there anymore.

Oh Charlie - than why should I tune in? (All of the above are very disputed facts by a number of 'reputable' polls.

Then they had two quick throwaways to the respecitive campaigns - and in both (Obama and McCain) provided a negative comment toward McCain.

Thanks for stopping by Charlie. Liar.