Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The All Important Vetting Process

And now the tag line is that she wasn't vetted properly. It's now not appropriate to pile on about the daughter being pregnant, or that she skinned a moose, or how small this town is so they will now go to the "well McCain did not do this well" card. (By the way - the Governor of Virginia who Obama wanted was only in office three years and previously was mayor of a similarly sized town). But anyway.

So, the latest, is you can't be VP now if your daughter is pregnant. Katie Couric actually asked somebody yesterday - that's Monday - on why the campaign waited until "now" to let out the news that the daughter was pregnant. Well my answer would have been - hey you overpaid twit - she was just announced on Friday - it's frigging Day 3!!!!

Let's look at the other recent vetting processes of candidates, shall we?

  • John Edwards - runs for President for a year, but was having an affair since 2006 - vetted anyone? Katie Couric - why didn't you come forward with this information? Everyone knew it. But you - the press - sat on it for two friggin years. And he was even being talked about for VP and Attorney General and he still wasn't "vetted" for a full month after he was caught red-handed in the Beverly Hilton in LA this summer visiting his love baby.

  • Hillary Clinton - looks the other way while husband sleeps with every bimbo known to man. Gets Senate seat in New York principally on pity. And this is what liberal women say is the way to success - not getting it for yourself like Sarah. (And many bloggers decry contempt at even comparing the two - this is just hillarious). Sarah Palin certainly get any political coattails out of her husband. What a joke.

  • Teddy Kennedy - runs for President several times even though it was a major news story that he drove his car into the Chappaquidock River while squiring a 20-something girl, who was not his wife, and promptly killed her. Is a teenage pregnancy a little more minor than this - murder? Ok - I'll settle for manslaughter.

  • JFK - becomes President with Camelot-type promises and flair even though he's shtooping anything that comes along including the sex symobol of the times - Marilyn Monroe - who then kills herself. By the way - so was Bobby. And JFK got votes from the Mafia run Chicago political machine in a super close election with Nixon.

  • Barry Obama - do nothing skinny guy who gets a pass from the entire mainstream media because they hated Hillary alot more. He was complicitly involved with the Chicago political machine and did not challenge it (like Palin did in Alaska) and got a nice house out of it. Got elected to Senate by running against nobody! (Republicans had to fly in has-been Alan Keyes to run against him) . He took his young daughters and got them pregnant on negative anti-American diatribes from radical preacher Jeramiah Wright. And now he is less than one heartbeat from the Presidency.

Where's the vetting America? Press? MSNBC?

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