Sunday, June 12, 2011

Barbara Walters Should Retire...Now.

Baba Wawa is frankly working on borrowed time.  For the past year in her infrequent appearances on her show The View she has often derailed the "fine free-flowing conversation" with comments and remarks that sort of resemble those of your crazy great grandmother at the dinner table.  Recently she just said that if Sarah Palin can ramble around with presidential aspirations then Anthony Weiner should be able to stay in office - even though he has admitted to exchanging immoral texts to young women who are not his wife.  (And this from a woman who wrote a book describing her sexual conquests of Congressman.)

On the following day, she then announced that Weiner shouldn't really be blamed for his behavior because it all has to do with the prevelance of Viagra (what?) - and this comment drew a loud groan from the usually unthinking View audience.  Then, two days later after taking a day off (and apparently witnessing the rest of the View girls give it to Weiner) she came back and insisted that if Bill Clinton could survive his impropriety than so could Weiner.  She did this by claiming the preposterous notion that now "Clinton is beloved and they have a very good marriage."   Yeah - and pigs fly.  Hang 'em up Barbara.

Meanwhile, in other hyperbolic nonsensical uttering, uber liberal Janeane Garafalo actually thinks Weiner isn't responsible for his actions and blames it all on the Republicans.

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