Thursday, May 09, 2013

America Screws Up Again

She was robbed.
Angie Miller, who had been a season front-runner of the show and presumed to be a shoo-in for next week's finale, was shockingly eliminated last night. on American Idol.  And no one knows why.  While fellow semi-finalist Candice may have earned some stripes last night to get into the finale both she and the other now-finalist Kree were in the bottom two several times the past few weeks.  One blogger said Kree's "backstory" which was filmed this week may have won her more sympathy votes, but who votes for a backstory on a singing show?

This is terrible - the only reason I watched this season was because of Angie.  She's the real deal.  If this is how America continues to vote we may wind up with a socialist golfer as President one day.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Barry & Hillary Lied - 4 Patriots Died

And these people are popular?
What more is there to say?  It's been obvious since the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September (two months before the election) that this administration has lied about the attack  on the very anniversary of 9/11! They blamed "the video" put out by an American that got little play in Libya anyway.  They continued to lie while the caskets of our Ambassador and three other Americans killed in the attack were flown into Edwards AFB - they had a photo op where the "major" networks cut in to display the purported remorse that Barry and Hillary had for the deaths.  Barry & Hillary gave fake heartfelt speeches and told the fallen's family that they would "go get the guy who did the video".  And the families knew that Hillary was lying then.  They plain didn't appreciate it.  The bottomline was that this was a terrorist attack from the get-go but both did not want to admit it due to its incongruity with their campaign talking point that "Al-Queda was on the run".  What is more damning is that they may have left people to die to support that claim.

Today's congressional hearings, where three "whistleblowers" (long-time State Department employees) gave testimony on the events which killed our Libyan Ambassador, his aide and two Navy Seals who arrived on their own accord to rescue them, shed new facts as to this administration's incompetence and cover-up to their actions that night.  They prevented any resources from going to save them at Benghazi and refuted efforts by lower state officials and in-country officials who asked to send aid.  Then they conducted a propaganda campaign to keep their dual presidential aspirations alive.

They are liars.  And for some reason the American People re-elected these liars.  Why? Because the media doesn't care.  The media doesn't report news - it reports celebrity gossip. They are corrupt.  It's pathetic.  The terrorists have won.