Saturday, September 25, 2010

Global Family Idiot

On tonight's anticipated Real Time with Bill Maher, he actually had two conservatives on the panel and one was Andrew Breitbart recently of Shirley Sherrod fame - so this night's show was going to be something more than the over-the-top overtly radical lib-fest it usually is (I mean seriously where does he get his audience from - the View after smoking crack?)

Besides Bill calling Sarah Palin a whack job on more than three occaisions, the panel discussed the new Republican Pledge, the woeful Health Care bill and the new Bob Woodward book. For most of these topics liberal whack job and creator of The Family Guy Seth McFarlane could offer little to defend health care or even attempt to explain the plan. While it has been much reported that Andrew B. got Bill Maher to admit that he approved of european socialism, the show's biggest gaffe occcured when they started chatting about global warming.

That bit was introduced by bringing out noted astronomer Carl Sagan's widow Ann Druyan where they discussed the topic "why no one takes science seriously". Ann then began to babble on unintelligably about the "truth" of science - frankly a real train wreck. This then of course morphed into a discussion of global warming. Scientist Seth argued that 95% of scientists agreed on the "actual science that proves" that global warming (whatever that is) is manmade - wow thanks for that definitive non-endorsement of the global warming phenomenon Seth.

While the conservative panelists refuted that their was this widespread agreement that global warming was manmade, Scientist Seth then pulled out a doozy. "We are seeing this in our own solar system right now. Studies show that the planet Venus was now incurring 900 degree temperatures and this is what could happen to Earth".

Gee Seth - is that because of all the MEN on Venus, driving their CARS and going to their FACTORIES? I don't think Venus is undergoing manmade global warming and I don't think a cap and trade policy will help them.

Typical underknowledged dilluded liberal speak.