Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"There's Trouble in River City..."

"We got trouble, my friends..."
"There’s trouble in River City my friends – with a capital “T” and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for Pool.”  That was Professor Harold Hill’s plea to the good citizens of fictional River City when he started to sow the seeds of chaos, so he could eventually sell the gullible townsfolk band instruments to its kids before he skipped town with the loot.  And that of course is the plot from the infamous musical “The Music Man”.
Well, we have another professor trying to scam us now as well – and it is as obvious as hell.  And we have trouble my friends, with a capital “T” and  that rhymes with “P” and that stand for pathetic.

Find me one liberal out there that can defend this chaos – this pathetic level of incompetence.  Where are you – you know the ones that have the Obama stickers on their car, have his picture in their kitchens and maybe even posted his family’s picture on their website praying for all the good things they were going to do.  This man is incompetent.  And that starts with “I” and rhymes with “why”?
Why did you fall for this idiocy?  Oh we can throw a 1/6th of the nation’s economy in the federal government and it will just be great!  We have HIGHER PRICES, less ACCESS, people KICKED OFF COVERAGE, insurance for services WE DON’T NEED, doctors FLEEING the system, growing DEFICITS, a dismal WEBSITE rollout and, wait for it…..DEATH PANELS!  Lets face it – it’s a disaster.  And this is after three years.  In fact it was supposed to roll out last year but they delayed it because Obama knew it was a disaster and didn’t want it to harm his election.  How obvious is this?  Even the liberal press is turning.

Obama promised you could keep you existing insurance – wrong.  300,000 just got kicked off their coverage in Florida alone.  Obama said you could keep your doctor – wrong.  Doctors are saying they will turn away many patients including Medicare.  Obama said your premiums would go down by at least $2,500 – wrong. In many cases the premiums have tripled along with increasing deductibles.  Obama said it would decrease the deficit – wrong.  The CBO said it would significantly increase the deficit and contribute to the national debt yearly.  None of our other entitlement programs are doing well – why are we adding another ill-managed one?
This man is incompetent – pure and simple.   And so is the complacent national media who have cheerleaded this disaster to reality.  Many are comparing his “infomercial” for Obamacare last week in the Rose Garden with the ShamWow guy – funny, I did that back in 2008.

You reap what you sow liberals.  Man are you guys dumb – with a capital “D”, and that rhymes with “P” and that stands for “Pool’!