Thursday, July 22, 2010

To the Moon, Alice!

Forty-one years ago this week we were celebrating being on the moon. Neil Armstrong was taking "one step for man, a giant leap for mankind."

Now NASA is dissembling the space shuttle program and shelving other programs planning to put ourselves back on the moon in place of promoting Muslim outreach programs to make them "feel better about themselves". Hmmm. What kind of nonsense is that? And what is exactly happening here?

Meanwhile the current politic is embroiled in race-baiting from both sides of the political spectrum - but mostly starting from the White House itself. In order to combat sliding numbers and anticipating an apocleptic result in the November mid-term elections the Obama White House has disintegrated into demogogary of any known opposition. This includes Republicans, white people, anyone making over $50K a year - or more appropriately, anyone who has a job and actually pays taxes.

This is a direct result of his failed policies most notably 1) the bloated $800 billion stimulus bill which did not produce jobs as advertised (how could it? it was a hodgepodge of wishlist projects strung together with tax subsidies to non-tax payers), 2) a health care bill that already is showing it will increase costs and lower coverage, and 3) just this week the President signed a 2.300 page largesse of a financial reform bill that makes the recent and unloved Sarbanes Oxley financial compliance law look like a lunch menu. All of these programs are ill-conceived responses to our current economic situation which will only make our future outlook worse. They have, and will, grow the deficit - and, maybe more importantly, they are all job killers.

While not content with making a bad economic situation much worse, the President seems very much intent on worsening race relations in this country. Advertised as the first "post racial President" (whatever that means) Obama can't seem to not put race out there front in center. This partially started with his discussion of the Professor and the Cambridge Police story which ended up with the famous Beer Summit in which he ended his last press conference (a year ago by the way) by saying the police force "acted stupidly". This administration has continued to basically play the race card every day of the year. Any critique of the White House is always shouted down as racist by the media or other left wing outlets.

Furthermore, as the Administration readies it self for defeat in the upcoming elections and to deflect such non-performance on the economy, the White House has engaged in a campaign to impugn the upstart Tea Partyists as racists - and then, almost predictably, chaos is ensuing. Attorney General Eric Holder does not prosecute Black Panthers obviously intimidating people at a Philadelphia polling place, the NAACP starts calling people racists - and then everyone (FOX News included) overreacts to a video of a low level bureaucrat speech in March - and the White House "acts stupidly" and dismisses her (and later invites her back). And just this week we are discovering that a group of liberal so-called journalists actively planned to label conservative commentators racist just to take the heat off the administration!

Time for everbody to calm down. Let's stick to facts - and the racism stuff needs to go. To quote Michael Douglas (as fictional left-wing President Andy Shepard in The American President) "we have serious problems and we need serious people to solve them".

Let's find a few and do that. I think we can in November. Not the thin-skinned bunch we have now.

And then its to the moon, Alice.