Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commander of Nothing

Last week on 60 minutes President Obama stated that their were some inherent structural issues with the economy that affected job growth - for example there were now, miraculously, ATM machines that are now taking jobs away from bank tellers.  Not to mention that ATM machines have been around for about 20 years now, this utterance definitely belied the fact that the commander-in-chief is certainly no commander of the economy - or any business sense at all. The reality is such advances in technology does create jobs and improves productivity for the economy as a whole.  What is more befuddling and even daming is the next week Obama was in a robotics plant claiming their work was "producing jobs" this time around - so what is it - does automation help or hinder?  Even the President of the United States doesn't know.  Only his teleprompter does.

And now after his disasterous press hearing this week it is clear the man has no concept of even arithmetic.  He launched into a full-scale class war to argue why he can't even lead.  By blaming Congress and Republicans and, mysteriously private jet owners, he launched into one of the most incoherent economic arguments of all time.  "If we keep on giving tax breaks to billiionaires, and millionaires and private jet owners we can't keep food clean and give out scholorships" he claimed.  Not a sillier arguement has ever been made by a President on TV.  He is just clueless.

Much of this concern goes directly to his syle of leadership - which is non-existent.  In fact in this recent piece Michael Barone compared Obama to Chauncy Gardiner, the hapless gardner that accidently fell into fame and wealth played by Peter Sellers - the name of the movie?  "Being There".  Which is barely what we can say about our President.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"The Big Man Joins the Band" the Sky

Best Album Cover - Ever.
Clarence Clemons, saxaphone player extraordinaire, well-known good guy and "Minister of Soul" died today after suffering a stroke barely a week earlier. His sound with the sax was all things joyous, boistrous, soulful, almost lyrical - and one that basically knew no other.  He recorded many solo records on his own and just recently played on Lady Gaga's recent release.  But, oh yeah, he also played in that guy Bruce Springsteen's band.  In fact Clarence may have been the heart and soul of the E-Street Band that has played epic concerts (and recorded even more epic works) with Bruce for over four decades.  If you ever can, please watch Bruce's last good concert tour which was really his late return and reunion with the E Street Band in 1999-2000.  The New York concert from that tour can be seen often on cable (most notably Paladia) and it will demonstrate to you frankly how every member of that band contributes to the sound, but outside piano player Roy Bittan, Clarence's saxaphone is probably the most iconic sound of all. 

And it is lost.  Years earlier organ player Danny Federici also died and created a vacancy in the band.  It may now be said that the E-Street Band is probably really no more - and that is sad indeed.  If you never saw a show in their heyday then you seriously missed a musical iconic event.  And a key component to each concert was Bruce's almost gospel-like introduction of bandmembers which almost always ended with a story of how he met Clarence (highlighted in "Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" by the immortal lyric "when the change was made uptown and the Big Man joined the band").  Clarence was every bit of the show as Bruce.

Here is another worthy testimonial from a serious fan.  His greatest solo was probably on the final song of Bruce's Born to Run - Tonight - in - Jun-gle-land.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Barbara Walters Should Retire...Now.

Baba Wawa is frankly working on borrowed time.  For the past year in her infrequent appearances on her show The View she has often derailed the "fine free-flowing conversation" with comments and remarks that sort of resemble those of your crazy great grandmother at the dinner table.  Recently she just said that if Sarah Palin can ramble around with presidential aspirations then Anthony Weiner should be able to stay in office - even though he has admitted to exchanging immoral texts to young women who are not his wife.  (And this from a woman who wrote a book describing her sexual conquests of Congressman.)

On the following day, she then announced that Weiner shouldn't really be blamed for his behavior because it all has to do with the prevelance of Viagra (what?) - and this comment drew a loud groan from the usually unthinking View audience.  Then, two days later after taking a day off (and apparently witnessing the rest of the View girls give it to Weiner) she came back and insisted that if Bill Clinton could survive his impropriety than so could Weiner.  She did this by claiming the preposterous notion that now "Clinton is beloved and they have a very good marriage."   Yeah - and pigs fly.  Hang 'em up Barbara.

Meanwhile, in other hyperbolic nonsensical uttering, uber liberal Janeane Garafalo actually thinks Weiner isn't responsible for his actions and blames it all on the Republicans.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Weiner Gate

It's about time....
Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy - oh, not so much for the embarassment of acting like Brett Favre while being a US Congressman, but the fact that he has his own Wikepedia page just for this scandal!  I mean this guy has been just a general liberal and flamboyant pain for the last several years - a man who bleats loudly for anyone to hear about how evil the Republicans are on a host of issues from health care to tax cuts.  Did you also know that Rep. Weiner also once sponsored a bill on sexual deviance on the internet?  Talk about hypocrisy - and not to mention the two-face-ness of the press on this one and Weiner, and his liberal blog force blaming everyone except himself.  And, of course, it just gets worse and worse.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sarah Baracuda

Not really quite sure why the media has such a hard time understanding Sarah - she just wanted to go on a bus tour like many Americans do on Memorial Day weekend.  She had a nice ride with Rolling Thunder on Sunday and despite what a few left wing commie blogs said everyone welcomed her with open arms.  And if you're going to be in New York later on why not check out a local pizza place with the Trumpster - not a bad gig I say.

I'm pretty sure she's not running - but that won't stop the press from hyperventilating and almost blaming every catastrophe in the world on her.  The gal has spunk.  And lookie here - here's a Democrat who thinks she could beat Obama!