Thursday, June 30, 2011

Commander of Nothing

Last week on 60 minutes President Obama stated that their were some inherent structural issues with the economy that affected job growth - for example there were now, miraculously, ATM machines that are now taking jobs away from bank tellers.  Not to mention that ATM machines have been around for about 20 years now, this utterance definitely belied the fact that the commander-in-chief is certainly no commander of the economy - or any business sense at all. The reality is such advances in technology does create jobs and improves productivity for the economy as a whole.  What is more befuddling and even daming is the next week Obama was in a robotics plant claiming their work was "producing jobs" this time around - so what is it - does automation help or hinder?  Even the President of the United States doesn't know.  Only his teleprompter does.

And now after his disasterous press hearing this week it is clear the man has no concept of even arithmetic.  He launched into a full-scale class war to argue why he can't even lead.  By blaming Congress and Republicans and, mysteriously private jet owners, he launched into one of the most incoherent economic arguments of all time.  "If we keep on giving tax breaks to billiionaires, and millionaires and private jet owners we can't keep food clean and give out scholorships" he claimed.  Not a sillier arguement has ever been made by a President on TV.  He is just clueless.

Much of this concern goes directly to his syle of leadership - which is non-existent.  In fact in this recent piece Michael Barone compared Obama to Chauncy Gardiner, the hapless gardner that accidently fell into fame and wealth played by Peter Sellers - the name of the movie?  "Being There".  Which is barely what we can say about our President.

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