Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Man is a Dictator

Meet the new boss...
According the the main stream press President Obama has emerged a "winner' on the fiscal cliff crisis.  With the House approving a bill today on New Year's Day that was hastily assembled on New Year's Eve and passed by the Senate, automatic income tax increases have been averted and taxes will rise on those families with income over $450,000.  The Republicans went along with it just to avoid tax increases for the rest of the 98% of those who make less strategizing that this was better than nothing.  It also avoids automatic budget cuts to the defense department which would have been devastating. 

Of course many on the right argue against this move saying it is against principle but in reality it really places Obama in a box.  Yesterday and today he went to the podium to lecture Congress that after this he would no longer agree to "cut our way to prosperity" and that any new deficit reduction (did any really occur here?) would have to be "balanced" with additional tax increases.  Well who is he going to tax next?  The "sort of rich"?  He even said he would go after "wealthy corporations".  When has a corporation been wealthy?  And won't those corporations shed jobs in order to pay higher taxes.  He just raised taxes on small business and now he wants to raise taxes on US corporations who have one of the highest tax rates in the world?

So "how did Obama win"?  What are mainstream pundits smoking (including Fox).  Obama brought potentially a little more into treasury (around $500 billion annually) but we have a $1 trillion annual deficit and $16 trillion in total debt!  This doesn't pay for squat - and this is a win?

As I have said many times, not only are the Democrats enemies of the state but so is the media which fails to articulate the mess Obama has brought upon this nation.  And it is obvious from tonight that he is not interested in leading - but in dictating.