Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Real Watergate wasn't 40 years ago - it's Now!

Here's the real liar.
Just saw CNN's second edition of their series "The 70's"  - this one was covering Watergate.  Based on what I saw and recollected - if Watergate happened today in Obama's White House, no one would notice.  Not like the hysteria shown on this show this evening.

In fact things MUCH WORSE then Watergate HAVE happened under Obama's watch.  Let's just take the IRS refusing tax exempt status to conservative groups prior to his re-election campaign.  IRS chief Lois Lerner definitely lied to Congress - I mean everybody knows the President used the IRS to get political advantage against his foes - but what has happened?  NOTHING.  Was he impeached.  Of course not.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton then lie about the source of the violence in Benghazi unprecedently killing the Ambassador - blaming it on a video when the government knew issues were occurring there.  LIED!!!!  Nothing done about it yet.

And let's just mention the many executive orders given by this President that flaunt the Constitution.

Obama is the man who should have been impeached and had his name tarnished forever.  Instead as of this writing he is golfing on a California golf course that cannot afford the water.