Friday, July 26, 2013


And people actually defend this guy?
Typical hypocrite democrat - as are his supporters.  The man never passed a meaningful piece of legislation and merely was a go-to guest on cable news for over-the-top, over -heated, outrageous commentary.  What a buffoon.

And to have his wife, Huma, Hillary Clinton's aide, defend him a second time is disgraceful not only for her but for all women.  There's a "Republican War on Women"?  More like a Democratic playbook for desperate Dem gals to hang on to their money ticket so they can cash in later.  Hillary is poster girl for this and apparently Huma has watched well from the sidelines.  Embarrassing.

Meanwhile, we have additional embarrassing behavior from the San Diego Mayor (stay classy San Diego) and of course our idiot President - who, since he can't work with Congress, goes out to the hinterland and gives vacuous speeches replayed from 2009.

God help us.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Watch!: Obama Makes Prononuncement Regarding New Royal Baby...

But, no one asked youAgain.
WHITE HOUSE (AP) - President Obama congratulated Prince William and Kate on the arrival of their new yet-to-be-named heir to the throne on Monday, but followed up with this admonition - "If I had a son, it wouldn't look like Will and Kate's..." 

In other related news, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Mathews apologized to the black community for whatever the new heir might do in the future.

Now back to our traditionally slanted news.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Congrats Phil!

Phil came from five back with a 66 to win the British Open
Congratulations Phil on a great championship.  To come by five back to win the British Open by 3 is an amazing accomplishment.  Thanks for being a complete sportsman and advocate for the game.  It was great to see you high-fiving spectators and fans as you walked to the 18th tee.  I have followed you out here in at the Rivera and have seen the same stuff.  It seems to me you play for the fans besides yourself - and that is why many golf fans were smiling broadly in the States this morning.  Congrats.

And you know why else many like me root for you? Besides the fact that you are a true champion who does much for the game and its fans?

You're not Tiger.  And thank God for that.