Sunday, July 21, 2013

Congrats Phil!

Phil came from five back with a 66 to win the British Open
Congratulations Phil on a great championship.  To come by five back to win the British Open by 3 is an amazing accomplishment.  Thanks for being a complete sportsman and advocate for the game.  It was great to see you high-fiving spectators and fans as you walked to the 18th tee.  I have followed you out here in at the Rivera and have seen the same stuff.  It seems to me you play for the fans besides yourself - and that is why many golf fans were smiling broadly in the States this morning.  Congrats.

And you know why else many like me root for you? Besides the fact that you are a true champion who does much for the game and its fans?

You're not Tiger.  And thank God for that.

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