Monday, July 13, 2015

The Next President....(lives in Wisconsin)

He knows how to fight and win - not just talk about it.
Here is the next President - a man who has fought the good fight for economic freedom and has won (several times, even as powerful forces have tried to drag him down) - and exactly who we need now.  And if you are still undecided read this.  It tells you all you need to know - and why the Democrats are so scared of him.
Get on board.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Real Watergate wasn't 40 years ago - it's Now!

Here's the real liar.
Just saw CNN's second edition of their series "The 70's"  - this one was covering Watergate.  Based on what I saw and recollected - if Watergate happened today in Obama's White House, no one would notice.  Not like the hysteria shown on this show this evening.

In fact things MUCH WORSE then Watergate HAVE happened under Obama's watch.  Let's just take the IRS refusing tax exempt status to conservative groups prior to his re-election campaign.  IRS chief Lois Lerner definitely lied to Congress - I mean everybody knows the President used the IRS to get political advantage against his foes - but what has happened?  NOTHING.  Was he impeached.  Of course not.

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton then lie about the source of the violence in Benghazi unprecedently killing the Ambassador - blaming it on a video when the government knew issues were occurring there.  LIED!!!!  Nothing done about it yet.

And let's just mention the many executive orders given by this President that flaunt the Constitution.

Obama is the man who should have been impeached and had his name tarnished forever.  Instead as of this writing he is golfing on a California golf course that cannot afford the water.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good Bye Pig

I used to be a fan - a BIG fan.  But then Dave let his wildly leftist flag fly denigrating a sitting president during war and then attacking the children (basically calling them sluts) of a VP candidate - among  many, many other things.  Did Johnny Carson do that?  Did Jay Leno do that?  Did Jack Paar do that?  Add in chasing interns at his show around (married ones at that) - why he's no better that Bill.  And for some reason that makes some Americans sad that he is leaving?  He's a pig.  Period.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Pathetic Pliance of the US by the Press our local news in LA, I heard at minute 17 of a 30 minute news broadcast that "another person was beheaded by ISIS".  That's about all they said - like, oh and it will be sunny tomorrow.

This is pathetic.  The mainstream press does not care about dangers affecting our country and others. It would rather comment on Ray Rice, Kim Kardashian and other nonsense.

We are Rome.  And it's burning.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Hillary on ABC

What difference does any of this make?
I've watched just five minutes and I want to vehemently projectile vomit on the TV.  Hillary is full of non-sequitors, women-issue defensive language and just middle of the road krap.  What a load.

And as for Benghazi?  She sluffed it off saying she "hired experts" to handle that.  In fact, she handles this whole part of the interview frankly badly   It's embarrassing.  We know what she did - and knew.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

President Incompetant

Anything for a photo op...when I'm in trouble
President Obama announced on Saturday in the Rose Garden that he traded 5 major Taliban terrorists for a suspected deserting PFC held captive for 5 years.  With him were his parents, one who seemed to support releasing all Gitmo prisoners and also thanked Allah.  Just on the face of that photo op - this seemed somewhat perplexing.  They even broke into "I Love Lucy" (an LA Saturday afternoon staple) out here to bring us this news.  The initial reaction was "man, this guy won't stop for any photo op".

And of course the preceding month leading up to this had Congress establishing a special committee to investigate Benghazi (where we did leave military people behind), the economy contracting by 1% in the first quarter of this year and the explosion of the VA scandal (an issue that Obama claimed that he substantiated his Presidency on - but which he has done nothing).  On Friday his VA Secretary was fired and his Press Secretary stepped down.  Not a good time.  (And Obamacare is still bad, the IRS scandal is still there, Russia is in Crimea, et al). 

So Saturday he trots out these poor parents and announces this swap for five terrorists?  I couldn't even believe this was on TV!  And they thought this would be good news?  The press is all over this massive miscalculation and tone-deafness in this administration.  He traded 5 high ranking radicals for a deserter?  His fellow army corpsmen have come on TV saying he should be court
martialed or even face the firing squad!  Six soldiers lost their lives looking for this fool.  And even on Sunday morning that purveyor of truth Susan Rice said he served with "honor and distinction"!?  Who gave her the "talking points" this time?

Later asked about this, as he made his way abroad to Poland, Obama claimed that the " US leaves no man behind"  Tell that to the Benghazi victims.  This man is unbelievably incompetent - and for this act alone - and his cavalier approach to the world stage and our security - should be now be seriously considered for impeachment.  The man cares nothing for the country at all - and is a disgrace to the office.