Thursday, June 16, 2016

Loser Leader Hates New President More than Terrorists

Incapable of anything.
Obama's ongoing petulant tone in governing the most free country in the world hit a new low yesterday when he blamed Republicans, conservatives and probably Trump, for the shooting in Orlando - while also sounding confused and bewildered - and generally just being pissed off.

The tenor of his speech is best described in this piece from the New York Post.  This man has the temperment to be commander-in-chief?  What a joke.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tone-Deaf President Hears Criticism

Narcistic boob just can't figure it out to protect his muslim pals.

President Barack Obama gave a speech today which was to give an update of where we were on efforts to contain ISIS after a meeting with his Security Council. Instead he gave a very defensive talk about why he hasn't called this obvious terrorist activity "radical Islam".  He went on and on, which is more ammo to show this man is a very thin skinned narcisistic boob.  On and on, bitching and whining about all sorts of people - instead of focusing his anger on what had really happened - a muslim whacko, who pledged allegiance to ISIS during the attack, shot up at least 50 gay patrons of an Orlando club.  But he blames guns, Trump and anybody else.  C'mon Democrats - don't you see this man as the most spineless loser of all time.  Is he defending LGBT rights when he supports muslims and their beliefs.  I mean, c'mon.

He also went on to say that calling this movement "radical Islam" was going to anger them - but this is the same man who called them the "JV team".  What is it Barry?  How can ANYBODY support this utter loser?

But Trump actually has it right.  Obama has been waffling on this forever.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Greatest?

Artful Dodger
Ok, I will go ahead and say it - especially when it appears no one in the press will as they are fawning over Ali's death as if Jesus just died again. Why are we celebrating this man in such a demonstrative way? As a boxer and pop icon - yes, I agree. But on ESPN and other news stations they make it sound like Ghandi died again.
Let's face it - this man was a draft dodger - he was a fighter, but he wouldn't fight for his country. Elvis did. Gary Cooper did. Jimmy Stewart did. But this guy didn't - and somehow he's a hero. I never got it back then and still don't get it now. The Greatest? Pfftttt. He certainly wasn't a patriot.
As for fighting - I hated the 'rope-a-dope' - just because he could take a punch he would let us watch 10 rounds of unwatchable boxing before he would score points at the end over a exhausted boxer. Good boxing? No thanks.
There is no question that he was a remarkable pop icon and sports hero all meshed into one during an amazing time in America. No question. But he was no hero to me. And this over the top memorial over the weekend is pathetic. (If you want to remember him show some boxing - not air tired tropes from talking heads everywhere).