Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rock Star

Well you have all seen the speech and read the news - oh, boy. She's a true rock star who has shook and stunned the media elite and the Obama campaign - she almost drew more viewers than Obama's speech last week and she was actually on four fewer networks (she wasn't on the majors). She was poised, strong and tough. And she zinged the community organizer all over the place - and three days later he's still stumbling over his frequent "uh, ah, uh's" that populate his non-teleprompter driven speeches on the campaign trail. And during her big speech she really didn't have a functioning teleprompter. Take that Barry. (And does anyone remember a line from that speech? We all remember a number of her lines.)

And then this prompted McCain's speech last night to be even watched by more people than Obama's speech - and also made the Republican Convention the most widely watched US political convention of all time! Who needs a football field and styrofoam Greek columns? McCain is not a great speechmaker - he's much better in town hall settings - but he did what he had to do - would have been nice if it was shorter and not interrupted by crazed left wing loons.

Now the polls are tied - but many of them still have pre-Palin speech days in them so we won't know the full bounce til next week. And what is interesting is how much the Republican support for the ticket now has been fueled as support for the pure maniacal way the left press went after Palin's background right after her selection last weekend - a more ravenous feeding fest that broke every moral bounds of even modest decency has never been seen in such a short period of time. Now US magazine has seen over 10,000 cancelations of its horrendous and devious and outright wrong cover story of Governor Palin. In fact they still don't get it.

The anarchists over at MSNBC were clearly stunned in their reaction to her speech and had actually toned it down the next day for McCain's speech. But tonight on her new show, lesbian pit bull Rachael Maddow let loose a constant barrage of lies, innuendos and already debunked rumors about Palin on her show. Maddow's loonish left rants almost make Obermann look, well, just slightly left of left. And she is clearly jealous. I predict her show won't last two months. I don't know why MSNBC is trying to make themselves the cable station of people who just honestly hate America. Great job Dan.

There is some good news and capitulation finally going on - Sally Quinn wrote a very demeaning column about Palin right out of the box last week and she actually went on O'Reilly and said she was wrong.

And then finally we have Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart bitching about "Baracuda" being played for Sarah - saying they weren't asked for permission. Ann and Nancy - you know I'm big fans - but no one has to ask you for permission and you do get royalties (as John Mellencamp discussed in a recent Time magazine article). Get over it. Heartless.

Now they're playing "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.


apathy lounge said...

1) Of all people on earth I can't believe you could be crushing over a wanna-be beauty queen who neeeded to stumble through five different colleges before actually graduating. A woman who thinks the earth is only 6,000 years old and who wants that included as part of a school's science curriculum. Oh yeah...and no birth control...even if you're married. A woman who speaks in TONGUES and enjoys emphasizing the importance of whatever she wants to endorse (The Bridge to Nowhere, the War in Iraq) by saying it's something God wants us to do. For a man who seems to have a near-stroke every time someone speaks in high-falutin' language with a confidence that would belie their experience, you sure don't seem to see the lunacy in her rhetoric.

2) She endorsed for the Bridge for quite a little bit BEFORE she finally said "no". Funny how she ( and all of her fan club)conveniently forgets that part of the story. Maybe all of those earmarks are cluttering her memory.

3)The styrofoam colums as backdrop for the DNC? Yeah...GW Bush did the same thing during one of his conventions. Of course, it will still never compare to the visual he provided by dressing up in a fly-boy costume on the deck of the aircraft carrier...especially given the unanswered questions about his unfinished military records with the AIR FORCE. Kinda like John Wayne Gacy dressing up in one of his old suits clown and revisiting the scene of one of his crimes as proof of his success.

3) Funny how the "war hero" angle only works for you guys if it's one of your own. Otherwise, you call out the Swiftboat Asswipes to do your dirty work. And if you could actually cough up an intelligent candidate you wouldn't have to throw stones at a guy who edited the Harvard Review.

4) Only the Republican Party can take the philandering son of a Admiral who married (after he dumped the damaged wife) a rich beer heiress (supporting her though her pill sweet) and who owns seven houses and the have the nerve to refer to a guy who really did hail from humble beginnings...and call him "elitist".

5) Elitist in this election is just code of "uppity".

6) Palin's speech resulted in $10 million earned for the Democrats.

7) You seem to be so totally desperate to elect someone who would willingly call himself/herself a Republican that you will overlook what they could do in office. You've got an elderly candidate and a "hockey mom" for a VP. A hockey mom whose view of this world is so backward and crippled by her religious fanaticism that this country could go up in smoke (not that it doesn't already smell like fire from here) before we know it.

8) You're sadly mistaken if you think your party wouldn't make a big deal out of a Democrat's daughter being pregnant at 17. Pregnant as a result of her mother's loony attitude toward birth control, most likely. But you guys would manage to crucify her as a poster child for what happens when a woman works instead of staying home to wax the floor with a baby on her hip. And that shit-for-brains James Dobson would be leading the charge. His duplicity in this election is simply stunning.

9)Modest Decency? Modest Decency? Do you even know what that term means? The Republicans totally worked over your candidate in 2000. Remember that? Because he had a war record and Bush...uh...didn't. The Rove-driven propaganda machine distributed fliers accusing McCain of being everything including mentally unstable, gay and the father of a love child. Cindy's pill problem cropped up then, too. Where was your decency then? And when Dukakis ran, I think you guys made some good hay out of his wife's drinking issues. Even after Clinton was elected, your gasbag of a talk show host Limbaugh (Captain Oxycontin) referred to 13-year old Chelsea Clinton as the White House Dog.

8) Your stance on what appears to be common decency make me laugh. You're from the party of "do as I say...not as I do" and you know it. You guys seize on the weaknesses of others like rabid dogs. And the truth is like kryptonite to you. You say shit and you don't even care if it really happened. You're just counting on your followers to believe it long enough to make a difference at the polls. It worked for Bush and look where we are.

9) Your party's "news" network (FAUX NEWS) tried to spin McCain's abysmal record as a faithful husband during the Edwards scandal by saying that Edwards' screwing around made him untrustworthy, but that McCain had been a prisoner of war and that was a different matter entirely. Just unbelievable. Sean Hannity needs to lay off the crack. What a loser. And a hypcrite.

10)Does it bother you that Rachel Maddow is a lesbian? What does it matter?

11) Bill O' Reilly is now father confessor to Sally Quinn. How quaint! The man who sexually harasses his colleagues is now president of the Sarah Palin fan club. Can't wait until her picture makes the cover of Tiger Beat. That'll be awesome!

12) If you wrote a song and some half-witted political creep tried to use it to drive his campaign, you'd be pissed too. It's not about the money, it's about the message. Not that expect you to get that, of course. Unless it was happening to you...or maybe Kenny Rogers.

13) People who live in glass houses...probably own more than one. Like McCain.

Rock said...

It's so sad you believe any of that tripe.

apathy lounge said...'s a matter of public record about the bridge, Rock. Are you going to tell me now that Alaska state records are now the tool of the liberal media? I know it makes it easier to ignore inconvenient bits of information. Or the five colleges? Or McCain's philandering? Or her fundamentalism? Or your party's duplicity in forgiving any act that for which you will crucify any Democrat dumb enough to be guilty of? What I think is sad is how you guys attack anyone in Hollywood who endorses a Democrat and you criticize them as being "celebrities"....and then you refer to your own candidate as a ROCK STAR. The double standard is alive and well in the Neo-Con Party...and the Hard Place. I think it was Hitler who said, "Make the lie a big one, make it simple, tell it often enough and eventually everyone will believe it." guys are doing a swell job.

Anonymous said...

I work on infrastructure projects. Many an ill project are put up for approval - they usually live several decades of lives. I remember the Bridge to Nowhere from days at a company in the mid-90's!!!!!! It was one of those things that always hung around but made little sense. Once she saw it made little sense she KILLED IT - after decades of no one else doing it.