Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Shame on you Barack - where is the new type of politics? Where is the "change"? Calling a woman rival (Sarah) a pig? (see here)(and the VP rival as well). Wow.

And this is the man you think could stand up to the terrorists? Ha. He is so rattled by the former PTA mom.

And here is a great article from a Democratic commentator (and a woman) who show how Obama's campaign (and the left's reaction to her nomination) look petty and thoroughly discombobulated in throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this steadfast woman.


apathy lounge said...

You've got to stop getting all your news from FOX, otherwise you'll never hear the stuff YOUR party does wrong. John McCain used the exact same quote to describe Senator Hillary Clinton on October 11, 2007...almost a year ago. Please stop making a big deal out of statements/actions that your candidates have already demonstrated. Seriously, now. Palin's in with the big boys and she's gotta learn to take what she dishes out. Besides, I hear it's a family tradition to get knocked up before one gets married in the Heath/Palin household. Like mother--like daughter. And yes, if that was our candidate who had made such a human mistake, you guys would be swiftboating the HELL out of him/her. Your hypocrisy is showing. I'd be interested in a response from you. I mean...you get all outraged and then you don't ever respond to the comeback. Are you really offended by the lipstick comment? Were you offended when McCain said it?

Anonymous said...

ACtually I just trying to have fun with this. It means absolutely nothing if McCain, his wife, or his mother used "this phrase" at some other time - and I have heard the Dems use that stupid argument on FOX thank you. It has to do with using that statement "now" which means "after her speech a week ago". Buttons and banners are being made that cry "Lipstick" based on her joke from last week. So the word, and thus the phrase, have a new meaning now. Even linguistic juggernauts like yourself must understand that.

Do I think it was intentional = not really. I think he's probably used the phrase before - but I do think right before he said it there was brief twinkle there that he knew how his normal speech might now go into uncharted waters. And the crowd obviously thought it was a dig. That is very apparent.

Is it sexist? Not really - it was a faux pax - but one he seems to be making alot more now. That's the real point. And I haven't yet to hear this guy talk about one issue at all.

apathy lounge said...

So basically it means nothing when your candidate does it, but something when ours does? What a load of crap. I think you underestimate your sledgehammer approach to "having fun" with an issue. As for your response to the previous post? More proof that you guys will overlook/excuse/spin your own candidate's gaffes while magnifying those of someone else for personal gain. It's why we can't talk and it's another reason why I took you off the blogroll. You're not open to ANY discourse at all that doesn't use the double standard as template for debate. (For yourself, that is) And to put all my comments in one box I will just say that Palin just makes a big damn deal out of "thanks, but no thanks". You know as well as I do that she enjoys giving the impression that this was only EVER her response. When, in fact, it was her 11th hour decision that had to be pointed out by the other party. To edit the story in this way is...lying. To promote yourself as some tough negotiator who saw the wisdom in saying "no" when she said "yes" quite a bit before that and then uses that story over and over again as an illustration of her so-called ethics is...lying. If you fail to see this, then that says something about you as well. Fortunately, you're not running for anything.

apathy lounge said...

And...it's not a "stupid argument" if you point out the hypocrisy in someone else. It's like an alcoholic pointing out that his enemy is having one too many beers at the bar. Why isn't it okay to defend oneself by pointing out that the other person is lives by a double standard? What is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

....extremely angry people....hmrph.