Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve and all was quiet...

A couple of weeks ago I said it would be tighter than anyone could imagine at the time. I stick to that. I don't know enough to call underdog elections or anything like that but I do believe several things about this certain election:

  • The mainstream media has been in the bag for Obama from Day 1.
  • Obama has said absolutely nothing about what he really "can" do and has no accomplishment to even show to prove what he can do except for writing two BS books and hanging out with Chicago power players to get himself noticed.

  • And, I'm sorry, but he's just a liar.... he will raise everyone's taxes and he doesn't care if it doesn't really bring in new revenue (as Charlie Gibson told him in one of the debates) - he just wants it to be fair - it begins with an "s" people.

  • Obama surrounds himself with bad people who all hate America. And he's married to one.

  • Obama wants to take money away from Joe the Plumber and give it to Samir the lavish non-working neighbor of Obama in Chicago.

  • And he wants to investigate Joe the Plumber further for even daring to ask him a question that wasn't previously vetted the MainStream Media.

  • And he has asked the Ohio government to investigate him. New politics my ass.

  • McCain is a patriot.

  • McCain spent more time in a POW camp than Obama has spent in the Senate - much less than run for President.

  • McCain has fought within his own party and is the furthest thing from George Bush - if that is something you care about.

  • Joe Biden is a doofus - who was only selected because Obama couldn't stomach picking Hillary.

  • Sarah Palin is a patriot and a bulldog (anyone see her on the stump the past two days?)
Barack Obama will turn this county into a balkan gulag. Here is one man's opinion of what the future may hold (here.)

Yesterday afternoon the Rasmussen poll which has been shown on the Fox network for months showed major gains for McCain in the battleground states as pointed out by others on certain blogs. While the MSM has told you all weekend long that it is over, there are no undecided voters and that Barack will deport his illegal alien Aunt living in a projects in Boston, this baby is closer than you think. There will be surprises.

Finally, the hopefull secret weapon, that curiously is not talked about on the MSM are the PUMAs. PUMA stands for Party Unity My Ass and represents all of the Hillary campaigners who feel Obama just railroaded them with typical Chicago-type election thuggary (get ready for that in the White House you McPalin-haters). And they despise Obama such that they have gone house to house in PA and OH to campaign for McCain/Palin! They believe they represent up to 4 million of the 18 million who voted for Hillary in the primaries - and even if the only bring in 25% of that then that could swing those states. And, thus in all of the exhaustive polling that has gone on showing these massive Obama leads it is going to show that many "poll-ees" were not telling people that they were going to vote for McCain and ot telling anybody anthing especially after how they saw Obama run the caucus states and bus in Chicago thugs. But pollsters have already assumed Hillary voters to Barack. You can read a bunch of the story right here - and why no one network has caught on to this with all of their polling and investigative journalism and as they stand in the mega-studios amongst their big electronic maps.....

But the bottom line is that Pinnochio, yea That One, can win the popular vote easy (he will win CA and NY by 4 million votes if not more) but can seriously lose the electoral college.

I'm looking forward to a heck of a day. You betcha.

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