Saturday, November 15, 2008

Knute Rockne is Rolling Over....

There is nothing in American life that the new President-elect won't hesitate to alter and interfere in. Not only will he wreak havoc on a sputtering economy by bailing out every company known to man - and also increase the tax burden on every American - he will also destroy college football by "throwing his weight around" and creating an unneccesary 8 team playoff (see here) Note how he says its okay to trim the regular season schedule - what? Why don't we just outlaw apple pie as well and make our paper money pink, for pete sakes.

While there are many people who clamor for a playoff system in college football (for a number of hackneyed and ill-advised reasons) there are probably not many other things I would vigorously defend more - next to 1) the protection of our country, 2) to keep our fiscal policy conservative, and 3) let our citizens hold on to their hard earned money - than maintaining the pristine sanctity of the college football season. It should not be cheapened with a come one, come all shootout at the end where anybody can win - and especially if a team has gone undefeated and now has to go through a gauntlet of undeserving teams to satisfy gluttoness sportscasters - and apparently now, an equally clueless and unappreciative President-elect. At least a few sports columnists agree with me on how a "play-off" would just ruin one of the greatest autumn aspects of Americana (here and here).

I guess this is what "change" is. Glad his priorities are all in line with what the country really needs right now. And thanks 60 Minutes for doing your deep down investigative reporting (here).

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