Thursday, March 22, 2012

Romney Wins Illinois; "Its Over" Again; Detractors and Networks Want to Talk About Etch-A-Sketch Nonsense

It's time to get on the Romney bandwagon.
Mitt Romney won a decisive double-digit race over Rick Santorum in Illinois on Tuesday and coupled with his winning delgate haul from the previous week all but cemented himself as the the 2012 Republican nominee.  In fact after the win former Florida Governor Jeb Bush gave his recommendation to Romney and thus removed himself as a potential white knight candidate.  And today prominent Tea Party supporter South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said he "was excited about Romney being the potential canididate".  These are strong endorsements and signals from the far right that all Republicans are coallescing around the commanding front runner.

Meanwhile Fox News and other networks continue to talk about how Rick Santorum is "still in the race" even though he would now have to win 74% of the remaining delegates.  And many are trying to make full news cycles about a Romney operative comparing the primary and general election strategies to that of an Etch-A-Sketch, which also has prompted to Santorum and Gingrich to start a run on the '50's era toy that is made in China.  I have also noticed a trend that many perennial Fox viewers are now watching CNN on election night because of the perceived anti-Romney bias at Fox.  They even have their own Facebook page.

Guys, the door to the bandwagon is wide open.  Get on board.

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