Friday, April 13, 2012


Please insert foot in mouth.
Despite the fact that Romney has been leading in delegates, and even after this week's news of Rick Santorum finally dropping out of the race (basically sealing the deal for Mitt and fact-challenged news announcers), political pundits have been arguing for weeks the gender gap that Romney purportedly has with women.  For the record it's a crock.  The USA poll that everyone has quoted on this issue was run in mid-March (a long time ago in political terms) and was slanted towards Democrats by a 10-point margin.  Regardless the 24-hour news machine ran with this as endless news for two weeks.

Romney never waged any war on women or contraception.  Obama started it with his health care mandate on religious institutions in February and George Stephanopulous stepped it up prior to that with questions in a January debate.  Romney bristled at the questions declaring "George, no one is talking about this".  But Obama and his lieutenants decided to throw the insurance issue in the fray to deflect from Obama's losing record.  Santorum took the bait but Romney never did.  But because of Santorum's clumsy electioneering Romney is getting painted with it.

As with most hotly contested sporting events, elections should be waged with patience - stay close and wait for the other guy to make a mistake.  And they made a big one yesterday with Democratic advisor (and Obama confidant) Hillary Rosen declaring on CNN that "Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life".  Now who is waging war on women?  Who attacks the wife of a presumptive presidential candidate in April?  Has Ann Romney made any controversial statement?  Advocated any strange policy? No.  But she was attacked by a political operative of the White House (where she has visited 35 times) for no real reason.  This single act of pure political contempt shows the Obama's administration's true hypocritical colors.

Ok.  They made their mistake - and Obama has made several in the past weeks with his ridiculous harping  of the Buffet rule, inexplicably criticizing the Supreme Court for potentially overturning ObamaCare, comparing his idiotic tax policy to Reagan's, staged events about energy - and algae.  Those uber-conservatives who can't quite find themselves to support Mitt at the moment should now be mobilized by this nonsense the left throws at us with unceasingy aclarity.  Romney is now leading in the most recent polls - and that should not happen with a "successful" incumbent.  The end is near.  Thanks Hillary!

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