Saturday, April 28, 2012

Comics and Correspondents

Not Ready for Prime Time...
Jimmy Kimmel hosted the White House Correspondents dinner tonight (replacing comedian Louis CK who removed himself from the show after criticism from women's groups). The dinner is a popular Washingtion DC event that attracts hundreds of celebrities and mostly liberal press (well, most of the press is liberal anyway).  The President is usually present and several comedians or other celebrities are on hand to provide a bit of "roast style"entertainment.  In recent years, however, most of the roasting has been at conservatives' (and the nation's) expense.

Kimmel made headlines this week commenting that it would be hard to come up with material because its difficult to "make fun" of President Obama.  Later he said, Obama was too "cool" to mock.  Hmm, this is a President who thinks we should fill up our gas tanks with "algae".  This is a President who thinks there are 57 states.  This is a President, who as a "consititutional scholar" is having two cases "mocked" in Supreme Court procedings (if the Supreme Court can mock the President why can't Jimmy Kimmel)?  Kimmel also said Obama had excellent grammar (which was a poke at Bush) - well what about Obama mispronouncing "corpsemen" three times at a speech (in front of a military crowd) - and his well-worn use of the word "uh". 

Frankly the list of issues to impugn the President are numerous:  over-the-top GSA conferences in Las Vegas,  secret service prostitution, his endless campaigning, his feckless attention to small issues to distract from the poor economy, his poor handling of foreign affairs, his committment to the Russians of his "flexibility" after the election, his constant bowing to foreign leaders, Obamacare, the failed Stimulus, the EPA "crucifying" oil companies....need I continue?  Jimmy?  Jimmy?  Are you listening?  Do you get cable?  "Hope and Change" anyone?

This is embarrasing for Kimmel and the current state of the US media.  The one-sidedness of their contempt and the willingness of the mainstream press to support it is appalling.  And Jimmy, your late night show is grass to me.  UPDATE:  Kimmel apparently found something funny.  And Obama continued to spin dog tales.

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