Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Here is a salute to our brave solidiers both past and present for protecting our country.  Actually "today" May 30 is the real Memorial Day but it was changed years back to accomodate the three-day weekend.

My father proudly served for the US Army and I grew up greatly proud of the sacrifices our military makes every day - and especially now that we have an all volunteer military.  I have also had the pleasure in my business life working with branches of the service and its has always been an honor to provide services from the private sector to help them in their mission.  The reality is that the military has been one of the first "public" entities to embrace private sector involvement in obtaining their (and our) goals.

We are honored to have our service men and women represent us in our daily lives, and in some of the extreme situations they unfortunately endure.  God bless to all - and thanks.

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