Monday, October 22, 2012

Tonight's Debate: Will "Bob" Pull a "Candy" and Tackle Mitt? - or - I Thought the Replacement Refs Were Gone Already

"Throw the flag!!!"
For the record, I think Romney will do just fine tonight - in the third Presidential Debate which is supposed to solely focus on foreign affairs.  Most mainstream media articles I have read proclaim low expectations for Romney because "he doesn't have much international experience" and also because he dared to comment on London's Olympic security (which was underfire by the British press at the time).  The reality is that as a businessman Romney has considerable more experience in foreign markets then Obama even has today.  Meanwhile, no one seems to remember that Obama had zero foreign relations experience when he was elected, and frankly had almost zero experience in anything else save self-promotion and narciscism.

I did not come into this election a follower of Romney's, but during the early Republican primary debates he stood out on foreign affairs.  I was impressed at his command of the facts, his ability to pronounce names (you say Netanyahu three times), and his passion to correct what he sees as the pathetic, apoligistic approach this current administration has taken toward the world.  If expectations are low then he will do just fine - unless we have a "ref" come on the field and tackle the QB just as he's lunging for the goaline.

I thought these guys were gone?
 Because that is what CNN's Candy Crowley did last week.  I mean, seriously - the actions of last week's "moderator" at the second Presidential Debate were outrageous.  As the talk turned to the unbelievable obfuscation of the Obama administration's handling of the Benghazi debacle, Mitt circled the President to catch him in a lie about not classifying the attack as a terrorist operation (the administration had blamed this all on a video instead of the obvious terrorist attack it was).  But Crowley interupted him (threw the flag), proclaimed the President was correct (gave him the ball) and then proceeded to the next question (kept running the clock).  And the MSM says Romney bungled this?  They blew the whistle and stopped the play as he was running for the final score!

Let's hope old venerable Bob Schieffer (CBS) doesn't throw himself in the game as well.  Besides, Obama's got alot of explaining to do.  Hmm, I wonder how Anchorman Ron Burgandy would handle this?

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