Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBS News Spends More Time Hyping Old "48 Hours" Episode Then On-going Benghazi Mystery

This is the wrong mystery
As our headline says, CBS News has spent considerable time promoting an old "48 Hours Mystery" episode for this Friday, instead of the on-going real-time mystery with the Benghazi attacks.
As a serious fan of the show I am interested in updates of past and present homocidal mysteries that the show presents.  But I have seen this show before and it is not something new.  But I saw several promotional bits about the show on CBS Morning yesterday and this morning and at other locales.  It frankly seemed to be promoted from Wednesday to Friday this week.  Meanwhile there was no mention of the recent "mystery" surrounding the attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

Fox News has been steadfast in breaking several details about the Benghazi attack that killed our Libyan ambassador and three brave Americans.  That network has discovered that the CIA denied requests to help our "folks on the ground".  The father of one of those brave Seal's has gone on record to say he believes the adminstration "murdered his son" because they declined efforts to help a consulate under fire. While the current administration continues to not comment on the controversey, President Obama himself asserted today during an interview with a Denver TV station that the Benghazi attacks "are not what this election is about".
The real mystery

By the way, in the "48 Hours Mystery" that was so heavily hyped, the guy was found not guilty.  Meanwhile in the real Benghazi mystery we have four dead Americans and a President who is obviously lying, and or, not coming clean. about what he was doing when the attack happened.  Hey CBS!  Guess what you're next 48 Hours should be about?

A lying and guilty President.

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