Thursday, October 04, 2012

Clint Eastwood Was Right

"Somebody get me out of here..."
A major annoyance of mine over the last month, and especially leading up to the first debate, was how the conservative pundit class and other chattering jabberwockies were always telling Romney what he needs to do. "He needs to attack, he needs to be nice, he needs to hit on foreign policy, pivot back to the economy or give some national address."  I mean, shut up already.

Last night’s performance at the first Presidential Debate shows us that Mitt is doing just fine and can probably think for pretty well for himself. I don’t know how you do as well in business, save the Olympics and run a Democratic state as a Republican governor without knowing a thing or two. And I also don’t understand where the low expectations of him originate. He was the only adult on the stage during the rough and tumble Republican primary. When his back was against the wall in Florida he destroyed Newt Gingrich. He is direct, in command of his facts and above all professional.  He's a captain of industry for gods sake! Meanwhile Obama gives the same worn talking points, doesn't engage in conversation (well he's eye candy you know) and is less than nimble on his feet.  And he just doesn' t know anything after four years in office.

Nothing to see here
If the contrast between Obama and Romney couldn’t be more apparent from Mitt’s absolute drumming of a sitting President I don’t know what else will. (And the absolute freak out by the left is glaring to the point of what kind of insulated bubble they seemingly all inhabit - along with their own discombobulated sense of distorted facts). 

It is quite clear that the current emperor has no clothes – or if he does, it’s an empty suit.

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