Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/11 Revisited...Unfortunately

Never Forget
The eleventh anniversary of 9/11 started out like many - a nation and media trying to cope and report the memory of the terrorist attacks over a decade ago.  The patriotic refrain from that fateful day was to "never forget".  But it soon became apparent that most have.

NBC's Today show, which was following 9/11 commemorative ceremonies, inexplicably switched from a scheduled moment of silence at Ground Zero to an interview with Kris Kardashian Jenner to talk about her new boob job.  Later on The View, the lead story for 9/11 was about an off-color remark the 700 Club evangelist Pat Roberson made about Muslims and their relationship with their spouses.  This led to a 10-minute exchange amongst the gal pals about how Islam is not a violent religion.  Whether one believes that or not is besides the point.  Is this what ABC leads a show with on 9/11?

Meanwhile, the region of the world that is highly populated by this non-violent religion erupted in chaos - some of it in pre-planned attacks staged by Al-Qaeda (such as the murder of our ambassador in Libya) and some by planned demonstrations that were stoked by Arab leaders via a low-rate video that had been on the web for over four months.

What we "forgot" is that we always have to be diligent.  The "war on terror' will never be over - no matter what this current administration wants to tell you.  Radical islamists just hate the secular western way of life.  Period.  And the U.S. stands as the most visible representative of the west. And it doesn't matter who the President is - he will always be burned in effigy. 

The previous week we heard at the Democratic Convention how just tip-top the current administration is at foreign relations. We saw videos of Russian warships to prove it.  And they kept telling everybody (and have non-stop since it happened) just how well they done by killing Osama Bin Laden.  Over and over and over.  Now answer me this.  If Barry and Hillary think a 14 minute video is to blame for all of this and that we need to be more sensitive to the Arab nation, then why did they make a bumper sticker out of killing Bin Laden?  Do you think that's not a bit too...insensitive?

Now we know that the attack in Libya was planned - after a week of the White House denying it.  We also know our embassies were not on high alert for 9/11 and that Hillary made sure that our marines in Libya did not have bullets in their guns.

Clint was right...
This is your great foreign policy administration?  Anyone who loves our country and votes to re-elect this President and his whole inept cabal should have their head examined.

Never forget.

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