Wednesday, September 09, 2009

He's a Scary Man

Obama was very angry last night my friends.

As he defended his forever meandering health care (insurance) reform plan - in his 29th speech on the topic - President Obama warned those that disagreed with him that "we will take down your name and call you on it". Earlier he had asked for new ideas to the plan - you know the one he wanted passed in August before the Congressional recess. He said that nice. Then later he screamed at people if they dared disagree with him.

Here's a surprisingly critical piece by AP written right after the speech that shows holes in his argument. And here is a well written response from a true American. As usual the President has promised too much and can't pay for it - for the 29th time. And everyone knows it.

No wonder he's angry.


The Enemy Within said...

You were fine up to the "True American" part. Now you're deviding us all again just like your little hero Bush.

And to use the person that turned McCain's candidacy into a complete farce?

I expect better of you Rock!

Rock said...

Just poetic license my enemy friend - just poetic license.

And actually she drew more to McCain then the other way around. So you are a bit misled there. And she responded immediately last night! That's what bloggers do - express an opinion and let you know about others that support it.

Bu thanks a bunch for dropping by. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

And by the way the President IS A LIAR.