Monday, August 31, 2009

Cities on Flame.....

Thanks for everyone who called and asked if the Hard Place was ok out here in la-la land. Yes we are - and we generally are all the time when fire season comes, although we had one close by for the second time in four years. Not to go into any geographical specifics but there just shouldn't be any fire west of the 405 freeway. Thankfully it was vanquished rather quickly - and like last time I was out of town anyway.

This was the PV fire. The Rockette said she could see the glow over the hill from the house. Obviously these guys had a better/closer/more inconvenient view.

And then here it is after it was put out. Drove by it yesterday. A little scorched but pristine as ususal. And thank you God for the rainbow.

Here's to our firefighters who do a difficult job very well every day.

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Anonymous said...

wow - this is hot. Glad I was in Mississippi.