Sunday, April 17, 2011

Obama's Debt Circus

Obama's much ballyhooed speech last week, setting his tone for deficit reduction,was nothing more than the same old hot wind coming from the Democrats for over 50 years now - but more importantly, even Obama added a more vacuous twist by insulting Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan after he specifically invited him to a front row seat for the address.  It just wasn't mentioned - it was a full out attack against Ryan and any other Republican who actually thinks we might have to address our financial house.  Now I didn't expect Obama to really agree with Ryan's plan (and I might not agree with everything there as well) but to demagogue somebody who has actually put forth a plan to address our financial issues while Obama has absolutely punted on the issue is, uh er, comical.  Because, he wasn't really addressing the nation's issues, he was just addressing his 2010 re-election campaign.  And that's not leadership - and not what this country needs.  So what did he do this weekend?  He was off to Chicago to plan his re-election and talk about da' Bulls.  Now, that's a three-ring circus.

UPDATE (4/18/11):  After Obama's debt speech about doing nothing Standard & Poors downgrades US debt - hmm, how's that for a timely response?  Nice going, Barry.

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