Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perry Has Tails (and Pols) Wagging

Perry has them so worried they're making stuff up.
Since Texas Governor Rick Perry has entered the presidential race the mainstream media and leftist outlets have been busy smearing him - and basically hinging on every word.  They even had the temerity to suggest Texas's good economy was just a myth.  Commenting on Texas' economy outperforming other states, Nobel Prize winning economist (and leftwing loon) Paul Krueger stated that "well, if you want low taxes and low regulation - that's what you would get".  Hmm, I think that's the idea Paul.  Spread the word.  Of course, some just attribute it to luck.  Anyway you look at it Perry has been pushing their buttons.

Did you realize its just been a week since he's been in the race?  Seems longer doesn't it?  And not only has the media gone Perry-crazy, but members of Obama's own cabinet are issuing lies.  Education Secretary Arne Duncan's recently visited the Sunday morning talk shows erroneously proclaiming Texas' education system was "in decline" under Perry and how "he was personally worried for the kids of Texas".  Robert Scott, Texas's Education Chief and the Dallas Morning News quickly rebutted these libelous smears.  And this is leadership, Barry?

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