Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Obama's Debt Debacle

Obama's normal posture
As a fairly self-described political junkie, even I am tired of the debt ceiling arguments and endless pontificating.  And Obama's pointless "campaign speech" this morning was just the capper.  Can't the man just govern gracefully?  At least something got done.  A nice analysis of the latest in hypocrisy and mistruths are described in this article.  Obviously the mainstreams and CNN/MSNBC clouded and obscured the truth of these negotiations on a daily basis (like insinuating we would "default" when we never were going to)(and dipping into deep, disturbing hysteria) - but even on Fox and other places we got into a bit of hyberbole and cheerleading (yes, I said it).  Day by day truths would be illuminated and falicies cleared up - in the end I like to think we all learned something (such as the lunacy of "base-line budgeting").

Even some of us with conservative leanings could be heard to yell at the last remaining obstinate Tea Partiers to please agree to something so we didn't have to turn all of this mess over to Obama - despite the overtly inane arguments of the Democrats.  One neat sidebar to this debate was seeing The One almost near useless at the end and looking silly giving speeches in primetime that basically no one paid attention to.  While not a whole heck of alot happened at this moment legislation-wise, what did happen was Obama was made peculiarly unneccesary.  Not good for a guy trying to get re-elected.
Amen, brother.

In the end though, the Republicans, and those racist, terrorist, hostage-taking Tea Partiers actually have taken a bold step in changing the course of spending in this country - and without shutting the government down.  So that's Boehner 1, Newt 0, for those of you scoring at home (with LP Obama not making an official appearance).

Oh yeah I forgot, he is making an appearance - at this fundraiser with, uh, er millionaires, billionaires and corporate jet owners.  Hypocrite.
UPDATE August 5:  S&P downgrades US debt to a AA rating down from a AAA rating.  Let the blame games begin!.

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