Monday, November 05, 2012

Springsteen is Dead to Me

Meet the old Boss...
I've just about had it with this guy.  Even though he campaigned for Kerry in '04, I seemed to had forgotten that when I went to see him for the sixth time in '07 in LA.  I even enjoyed the Magic album that came out that year - as really the only complete album that he's had since Born in the USA.

But now he is dead to me - frankly has been for years.  But he said he would stay out of this year's election and then changed his mind three weeks ago.  Anybody who's a bazillionaire who still sings about the little guy while flying Air Force One in these final election days with one of the most devisive, incompetant Presidents this nation has ever seen goes way beyond the pale

Hey Bruce, did you ask your buddy Barry what he was doing the night of September 11 while our consulate in Libya was under attack?  No?  Because they were already dead?  Well, that's what you are to me.  Dead as a doornail.

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