Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dodger Gangsta Punks

All are welcome?
The Los Angeles Dodgers-San Francisco Giants rivlary is fairly historic in these parts.  As a transplanted Texan living in LA, I have no great love for the Dodgers, or for even going to Chavez Ravine to pay $10  for a Dodger dog.  However, one year I did enjoy going to the park just to loudly boo Barry Bonds. But what happened in the the parking lot on Opening Day on March 31st is basic thuggary.  A Giant fan, with two of his friends wearing Giant garb,was assaulted in the parking lot after the game by two Latino gang members.  He's in critical condition. The two thugs are at large.

Coma esta, Gigantes!
What was even worse was this evening's news item I just saw run on the local TV station - they interviewed several latino Dodger fans standing in the beer line at tonight's Giant game and almost to a "man" they said if the Giants fans come into their house they were going to put them down.  The nice demure female reporter kept asking "really, you are saying they can't come into the stadium or they face physical harm?" - and the guys sort of said "si".  ("The river runs red with Burgundy's blood!").

Welcome to LA.  It's not Chinatown anymore.

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